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Are you like many people out there that does not have cable or television of any kind, but you love the ghost hunting shows? While working at the library, I hear countless people telling me just that. Television is expensive, but the library can be your go-to source. The library has books and we all love to read a good ghost story, but many of us find we don’t always have the time to read and would rather watch a good television show or DVD. I am one of these people.

For many years now, I have watched Syfy Channels Ghost Hunters. I was intrigued at first because I work in a haunted library. Once I started watching, I began to learn a few tricks. I had been the keeper of the library Ghost Log since 1993 and in 2006 we started the first official Ghost Walks. More and more reports began coming in. As a host of a ghost walk, you need to at least have a basic knowledge of the equipment and how it can be used. I found that by watching the television shows I could at least gather a general idea of how the ghost gadgets are used. My oldest son took it upon himself to start buying me a few gadgets for my own. I started using them during the tours and soon these tools were a big part of what we do. Bianca, another staff member, also has her own ghost hunting kit and brings it in as well. The library also now has a ghost hunting kit, which includes a KII, EMF detector, ghost box and Ovilus. We have learned so many techniques from the shows. Where else do you learn such things?

Have you checked our shelves lately? The staff have been busy trying to add many of the favorite series. Not only are they great for entertainment value, but they are a great learning tool for those of us that actually do any type of ghost hunting. The library currently carries Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Psychic Kids, and Paranormal State, not to mention countless movies about the paranormal.

Paranormal Shows:

A Haunting, A Haunting, America’s Haunted Castles, America’s Haunted Hotels, Celebrity Ghost Hunt, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Dead Files, Destination Truth, Encounters: The Hidden Truth, Extreme Ghost Stories, Extreme Paranormal, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Ghost Adventures , Ghost Asylum, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Lab, Ghost Mine, Ghost Stalkers, Ghost Stories, Ghostly Encounters, Haunted Collector, Haunted Highway, Haunted History, Haunted Homes, Haunted Houses: Tortured Souls &Restless Spirits, Haunted Lighthouses of America, Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories, Haunting Evidence, Investigations of the Unexplained, Jane Goldman Investigates, Killer contact, Miracles and Other Wonders, Monster Quest, Monsters and Mysteries in America, Most Haunted, Most Haunted Live!, Most Haunted U. S. A. , Most Terrifying Places in America, My Ghost Story, Mystery Hunters, Mystery Quest, Paranormal Challenge, Paranormal Cops, Paranormal State, Paranormal Witness, Psychic Kids, Sightings, The Haunted, The Haunted Collector, The Unexplained, Unsolved Mysteries, Weird or What?, Weird Travels, and Why It’s Spooky

Program listing taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Brand new, Amish haunting (not on list)

Needless to say, there are a vast number of television shows dedicated to the subject. Check your local listings for availability. Many of the shows listed are now available in DVD format or online. Although I have not watched many of those on the list, I have watched those that I could find. Some take the subject more seriously than other, so you will have to decide for yourself what works for you.


Digital Video Evidence

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We feel the Ghost Walks are an introduction to the paranormal. There are countless varieties and techniques for the correct way to do an investigation, ours is just one of many. When doing a tour, we generally have around 20-25 patrons in each Ghost Walk. Because of this factor, you will find there are varying levels of expertise on the subject.

We provide our own “ghost gadgets” for a few of the patrons to use and try. Those that have become very interested in the subject usually bring their own gadgets to work with. You might see KIIs, EMF detectors, infrared cameras, ghost boxes, etc. Depending on the dedication (and budget) of the patrons, we see lots of interesting devices.

I have finally been able to review some evidence from past Ghost Walks.  I just completed the video clips and I will be posting a few videos at a time.  It would be very helpful if you would watch the clips and give me some feedback.  I realize that at many times we get excited during the tours, the tour guides as well, so I apologize for that.  Please take a few minutes and watch the clips.

I hope you find the clips interesting and informative.

Please leave a comment.  Thank you.


2014 Private Ghost Walk

2014 Private Ghost Walk (2nd)



P. I. Team of Utah Evidence 2015

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Not long ago our good friends at P. I. Team of Utah (Paranormal Investigations Team of Utah) paid us a scheduled visit. For those of you that are not familiar with the team, they are a professional ghost hunting team from Utah and are the Utah affiliate for TAPS of the SyFy Channel Ghost Hunters. From time to time the group will contact us and ask for special permission to do an investigation here at the haunted library. We are happy to comply.

Many of the patrons and locals will remember that these are the folks that have graciously provided paranormal programming for our library in the past. When asked, they always come through for us, and in turn, we try to find time to allow them access to our building for investigating. Jenny Wright and the crew are professional and never disappoint.

One of the great things about working with this team and others, are we have a more knowledgeable base to work with. Many times I have received photos and evidence that I just wasn’t sure about. P.I. Team of Utah is one group that I can always shoot things to in an email and they are happy to review the evidence and give their expert opinion. This has been a great help to many patrons that have photos that they were not sure about.

  1. I. Team of Utah Mission Statement
    The Paranormal Investigations Team of Utah (The PI Team) exists to help those in need of assistance in the arena of suspected paranormal activity. We understand that unexplained phenomena of a type generally associated with “ghosts” and “hauntings” can cause stress, discomfort, and fear. We neither acknowledge nor disavow the existence of ghosts, nor any other “other-worldly” entity.The PI Team’s mission is two-fold. First, we provide assistance for those individuals, families, and businesses experiencing what they feel is paranormal activity. We do this by attempting to document and identify the causes of the activity, including any possible physical and/or self-explanatory causes, such as high electromagnetic fields, naturally occurring structural expansions and contractions, or any other possible legitimate explanation.Secondly, while our primary purpose is to help our clients, we make every effort to document these paranormal occurrences in detail for further scientific analysis. Our goal is to add to the growing international database of knowledge regarding paranormal activity. We do this through documentation presented on our Web site and shared through community functions such as speaking engagements at libraries, conventions, and other private and publicly-funded events.

    The PI Team is a 501(c) 3 non-profit/tax-exempt organization (charity). We do not and will not ever charge for our investigations. However, we do conduct fund-raising events, and accept private donations and/or partial sponsor-ships to cover a portion of our expenses.


I suggest you visit their website to learn a bit more about the team and the work they do.

Please visit:

They have a page dedicated to evidence captured while at the SWC Library. There are several good EVPs posted. Be sure to take time to check these out.

Take time to listen and see what you hear. I think I hear a few other noises, but I would like to see what you come up with as well.

Happy Listening!

Video Evidence from 2012

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I would like to share with you some of my random videos from the past Ghost Walks.  Please take a few minutes to take a look and listen.  This is give you some idea of what the sessions of the Ghost Walks are like and how we do what we do.

If you find evidence that I have missed please let me know.  It is always great to have a second set of eyes and ears.

Thanks in advance!




2012 Ghost Walk


Note: Because video files are too large to load on WordPress, I have had to upload them to Youtube.


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Many of the EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) have been brought in by patrons and the public to share with us. There are many we have debunked or proven to be non-paranormal, but there are also those that we find creditable. Ghost Walks will soon be starting up again. I always find in the spirit of things, it is fun and interesting to look back at some of my favorite evidence.

Let’s take a listen:

  1. Little girl
  2. Boy says his name
  3. Just Keep Walking
  4. Gretchen during Nation Honor Society Private Ghost Walk

What did you hear? Please comment and let me know your favorite EVP.

I have more and if there is interest, I can post more.

Do you have an EVP captured while at the SWC Library? If you do and are willing, please send it by email to Please include your name and state you will allow me to use the EVP for the library.

Thank you!


But Nothing Happens!

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Okay, you have spent your money, you come to the library and attend one of our Ghost Walks. You watch as others seem to interact with the spirits. Sure that is cool and all, but why is it not happening to you? For some, getting the resident spirits to reach out to them is a little tougher than for others. It may be frustrating but let me help shed a little light on this subject.

First of all let me say the ghosts or spirits here are not at our beck and call. They show up or interact only if they choose. We actually have no control on this at all. As we continue to do the Ghost Walks, we try to communicate with the unknown in our midst. At best, we try to draw them out, to entice them to communicate. This is not easy. We generally use ghost hunting gadgets such as KII’s, EMF detectors, and ghost boxes. Many patrons that attend also use the downloadable apps on their smartphones. The hope is by using these devices, we give the spirits the opportunity to answer our questions with simple responses by using the lights, such as yes or no, man or woman, adult or child. This seems to work pretty well.

By far the most important thing we can advise people is to be open to the unknown when attending. Our standard procedure is to do a prayer of white light as a protection for each and every ghost walk. Everyone is asked to do this. We first began doing this after visiting with nationally known psychics and ghost hunters. By doing this, there is much less chance of anything “dark” coming forward. We choose to only communicate with those of the “light”.

Next you must open your mind, literally, to the spirits. By opening up and sending out good energy, you have a much better chance of communicating. It was told to us some time ago by the renowned psychic Chip Coffee “If you were a ghost and walked into a room of friendly people in one corner and un-friendly people in the other, which group would you approach?” For me, that made it very clear. With this said, always bring your positive energy and be open. It is a simple thing to do and it makes a HUGE difference.

We have on rare occasion had a group of patrons that were nothing but quiet, this can be a problem as well. For some reason, if you are not showing interest and giving out good energy, “they” do not seem to want to come out and play. A few things we have done to help open this up are reading children’s books, singing a song, and ask about “their” lives. I actually like to clap or applaud when I think we are talking to the “kids”. Yes, we have at least two girls around three and seven years, and at least one boy named William. By showing my enthusiasm for their efforts we seem to get a much better response. I love that. We treat them like real people for they very well may have been someone’s family here in Green River.

Ghost Walks are starting again in May. If you plan on attending, be sure to bring your newly learned “tools” with you. We have great hopes for an exciting time. There is nothing more amazing than watching the devices and hearing the voices on the ghost box. We are always grateful the spirits have stopped by for a visit.

Hope to see you at the next Ghost Walk on May 16th. Tickets on sale April 27th, 9 am. They sell out fast.

Come in or call 307-875-3615.

Please Share Those Stories

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ghost walk 189.JPG  lightened

Do you have a ghost story about the Sweetwater County Library? Have you shared it with us? If not, let me take the time to ask you to do so. Some people may ask “Why do we keep the Ghost Log?” My answer is simple. We keep the Ghost Log so we all might better understand the spirits.

Since 1993 I have maintained the official Ghost Log for the library. It started out as a simple one inch binder. As I would hear storied from the staff, I would write them in. The first week I worked here, staff would pull me aside and tell me stories of how the curtains in the big meeting room would move. One such story stated how the, then director, closed the curtains and turned around to leave the room. She heard an odd sound and turned back around. To her amazement, the mechanical curtains were wide open. At that time, the curtains were weighted down by heavy chain stitched in the hem of the curtain itself. On top of that, they were mechanical which worked very slowly. She know something very odd had happened. This also happened to two others.

Staff reported hearing odd sounds, whispers of someone saying their name in their own ear. Creepy or usually to say the least. I myself have had the “ghosts” whisper in my ear my name “M..i..c..k..i”. It very much got my attention. More reports of items going missing were received. Cupboard doors would open or close on occasion, books would drop, and the sounds of running feet were heard.

One of the more common reports has always been someone smelling pipe tobacco or flowers. It is usually in an odd place. We do not allow smoking the building, so the smell of tobacco makes us always go on the hunt. No one is ever found smoking the building, nor is remnants of tobacco found of any kind. As for the flowers, it has been suggested that it is just the cologne staff are wearing. This does not pan out. Most times it is the smell of lilacs or lilies, with the occasional rose. The staff reports they do not wear these scents.

You will see my name in the Ghost Log more than anyone else. This is not to say that I have had more experiences. It is just that most reports have been given to me and I have prepared them for the book. Usually I will mark the report as, date, by Micki for XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I have also had my share of experiences, but as you read the reports you will see which are mine. Unfortunately some staff and patrons are not comfortable putting their names in the book. That is fine. I do not mind placing the report for them.

When the Ghost Log first started it was just staff reports, but it has grown immensely and now includes countless patron/visitor reports as well. The Ghost Walks started in 2006 and since the beginning we have received many reports, photos, and audio files or EVPS. We are very grateful for the public sharing their findings. Without these files we would not have the vast information about our ghosts in the stacks and around the building and grounds.

It is my opinion that by gathering more information we can then pull this information together to help us bet understand what we actually have here. I truly hope that the spirits know how interested we are in them and hope they will continue to communicate with us.

Thank you to all of those that have shared their findings.

It is greatly appreciated!!

Photo shared by Lindsay Parks, 4-5-2013.

2015 Ghost Walk Schedule

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2015 Ghost Walk Information and Schedule

Regular Ghost Walks

Tickets–$5 each. Must be 15 or older to attend.

May 16th—–2 Tours Only—-

Tickets on sale starting April 27th, 9 am




Oct 24th—–2 Tours Only—-

Tickets on sale starting Oct. 5th, 9 am




Ghosts of Christmas Past—Dec. 5th.

More information to follow.


If you have questions or need more information, please call 307-875-3615

or stop by the library.

Happy Ghost Hunting!



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Green Cowboy by Ursela Krentz

If you are among those that attended the 2014 Ghost Walks, you might have heard some conversation regarding the name “Cowboy”. Who is Cowboy? Well, we wish we knew. Our good friend Ursula Krentz seems to attract a few of our local spirits and one seems to be “Cowboy”.

Here are a couple reports from Ursula Krentz and her friend’s tiffany Kennah and Mary Conley:

Ghost Walk Reports from Ursula Krentz & Mary Conley

Private Ghost Walk Halloween 2014


Green light sine down in the Multi-purpose Room.

Garage-I saw a green, what appeared to me to be a person go by me. Then when I turned to tell everyone what I saw I felt something touch my hair. Then Mary took a picture and all she got was a green blob. My KII meters lit up when I asked if there were cowboys there. I told them I loved cowboys and my KII and EMF meter went crazy and got an EMF reading of 1.9.


Garage-I was taking pictures with no flash. Enhanced with Adobe Photoshop and 1 picture showed green blob, another picture shows bright light coming off the end of Ursula’s meter. Another picture taken at large table in library shows a figure sitting at the table. Another picture shot toward the children’s section shows a glowing head and shoulders.

Ursula Krentz-

Private Ghost Walk November 15, 2014

We heard voices. I told everyone about my experience with the cowboy and Micki, Tiffany Kennah and I heard a man laugh. I was hearing beeping and I opened my pouch to my EMF detector was flashing red and beeping while it was powered off. And never once have I gone to a Ghost Walk and got readings at the doorway of the Staff Lounge. This night it was going off like crazy.


Isn’t it amazing how one person will not have experiences while at the library and others of us have many. I am asked often if we really have activity here. Many people say they have been in the library for years and have had nothing. They are so disappointed it seems. And on the other hand there are also many that have reports and they seem to attract the spirits. What is it about some of us?

I for one did not have only a couple small things happen to me before I started working here. But….the first week here I had them say my name in my right ear, like a whisper, M..i..c..k..i. Yes, they know our names. At first it did make me uneasy, but I did not feel afraid. I thought that odd. At first I did wonder if I should be afraid. In all the years since, I have had them say my name many times, I have been touched on the arm, I have felt countless cold spots, and the list goes on and on.

For our friend Ursula, “Cowboy” is one ghost friend. When she is here (without her husband) she gets the KII’s to light up and there does seem to be interaction. When her husband is here, not so much. Does someone has a crush? I laugh, but we keep an eye on things anyway.

Take a look at the photo that is thought to be “Cowboy”. It is very hard to make out. There is a greenish shape. You should see a head and shoulders. Let me know if you see anything else.

Do the Ghosts Like Change?

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Change is good right? Well, we will see. Shelves have been moved, books and other library items have been rearranged, lots and lots of changes are going on at the library. Unfortunately our building has once again shifted slightly and we are about to begin the process of re-stabilizing the areas that are in need. For various reasons the Sweetwater County Library has twice before had to have re-stabilizing done on the building. Due to soil conditions, an underground spring and the fact we are built on a hill, we are occasionally left with a few problems. Along with the building shift, we are also rearranging much of the library collection and changing the layout of staff desks and offices. If you have not been in for a while you might find much of the collection has a slightly new location.

Our spirits here do not always like our changes however. Simple things seem to upset them at times. In the past they have let us know they do not like it when “their” home is disturbed and activity usually increases. After many years of working in the building and watching the reaction to shifting and repairs I am on the watch for anything unusual. Later this month I have a professional ghost hunting team joining me for a private ghost hunt. I am not notifying them of the changes in the building or announcing to them my suspicions. I want them to come in and do their investigation just as they normally would. We have always found that less information in this case is better.

Activity in general has slowed somewhat. One of our employees left us for another job and she was a ghost magnet. I know as staff has come and gone, the spirits here do also react to us. This does not mean activity stops, it just changes for a time and usually will pick back up. I guess just like us they need time to adjust to shifts and changes in the environment around us. Last week I did have one incident. I was working the Reference Desk when I heard the sound of the metal cupboards in the second floor Staff Lounge closing. It is a distinctive sound. When I told my co-worker she seemed confused because there was no one upstairs and the doors were all locked. No one was in the area at all….well no one physical.

When I think of the ghosts, I always wish I knew more. Questions like “What are they really?”, “How they exist?”, and “What their time is like?” There are so many questions I would love answers to, as I am sure you would agree. This is why we ask questions while using the digital recorders and ghost box. We would like answers to the burning questions.

I will post any activity we may find after the repairs and relocating is done. It should be an interesting few months. Remember, we will be hosting a Ghost Walk on May 22. For more information please call the library at 307-875-3615.

Do you have any information you would like to share on the subject?

I would love to hear what my readers think.

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