2015 Ghost Walk Schedule

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2015 Ghost Walk Information and Schedule

Regular Ghost Walks

Tickets–$5 each. Must be 15 or older to attend.

May 16th—–2 Tours Only—-

Tickets on sale starting April 27th, 9 am




Oct 24th—–2 Tours Only—-

Tickets on sale starting Oct. 5th, 9 am




Ghosts of Christmas Past—Dec. 5th.

More information to follow.


If you have questions or need more information, please call 307-875-3615

or stop by the library.

Happy Ghost Hunting!



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Green Cowboy by Ursela Krentz

If you are among those that attended the 2014 Ghost Walks, you might have heard some conversation regarding the name “Cowboy”. Who is Cowboy? Well, we wish we knew. Our good friend Ursula Krentz seems to attract a few of our local spirits and one seems to be “Cowboy”.

Here are a couple reports from Ursula Krentz and her friend’s tiffany Kennah and Mary Conley:

Ghost Walk Reports from Ursula Krentz & Mary Conley

Private Ghost Walk Halloween 2014


Green light sine down in the Multi-purpose Room.

Garage-I saw a green, what appeared to me to be a person go by me. Then when I turned to tell everyone what I saw I felt something touch my hair. Then Mary took a picture and all she got was a green blob. My KII meters lit up when I asked if there were cowboys there. I told them I loved cowboys and my KII and EMF meter went crazy and got an EMF reading of 1.9.


Garage-I was taking pictures with no flash. Enhanced with Adobe Photoshop and 1 picture showed green blob, another picture shows bright light coming off the end of Ursula’s meter. Another picture taken at large table in library shows a figure sitting at the table. Another picture shot toward the children’s section shows a glowing head and shoulders.

Ursula Krentz-

Private Ghost Walk November 15, 2014

We heard voices. I told everyone about my experience with the cowboy and Micki, Tiffany Kennah and I heard a man laugh. I was hearing beeping and I opened my pouch to my EMF detector was flashing red and beeping while it was powered off. And never once have I gone to a Ghost Walk and got readings at the doorway of the Staff Lounge. This night it was going off like crazy.


Isn’t it amazing how one person will not have experiences while at the library and others of us have many. I am asked often if we really have activity here. Many people say they have been in the library for years and have had nothing. They are so disappointed it seems. And on the other hand there are also many that have reports and they seem to attract the spirits. What is it about some of us?

I for one did not have only a couple small things happen to me before I started working here. But….the first week here I had them say my name in my right ear, like a whisper, M..i..c..k..i. Yes, they know our names. At first it did make me uneasy, but I did not feel afraid. I thought that odd. At first I did wonder if I should be afraid. In all the years since, I have had them say my name many times, I have been touched on the arm, I have felt countless cold spots, and the list goes on and on.

For our friend Ursula, “Cowboy” is one ghost friend. When she is here (without her husband) she gets the KII’s to light up and there does seem to be interaction. When her husband is here, not so much. Does someone has a crush? I laugh, but we keep an eye on things anyway.

Take a look at the photo that is thought to be “Cowboy”. It is very hard to make out. There is a greenish shape. You should see a head and shoulders. Let me know if you see anything else.

Do the Ghosts Like Change?

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Change is good right? Well, we will see. Shelves have been moved, books and other library items have been rearranged, lots and lots of changes are going on at the library. Unfortunately our building has once again shifted slightly and we are about to begin the process of re-stabilizing the areas that are in need. For various reasons the Sweetwater County Library has twice before had to have re-stabilizing done on the building. Due to soil conditions, an underground spring and the fact we are built on a hill, we are occasionally left with a few problems. Along with the building shift, we are also rearranging much of the library collection and changing the layout of staff desks and offices. If you have not been in for a while you might find much of the collection has a slightly new location.

Our spirits here do not always like our changes however. Simple things seem to upset them at times. In the past they have let us know they do not like it when “their” home is disturbed and activity usually increases. After many years of working in the building and watching the reaction to shifting and repairs I am on the watch for anything unusual. Later this month I have a professional ghost hunting team joining me for a private ghost hunt. I am not notifying them of the changes in the building or announcing to them my suspicions. I want them to come in and do their investigation just as they normally would. We have always found that less information in this case is better.

Activity in general has slowed somewhat. One of our employees left us for another job and she was a ghost magnet. I know as staff has come and gone, the spirits here do also react to us. This does not mean activity stops, it just changes for a time and usually will pick back up. I guess just like us they need time to adjust to shifts and changes in the environment around us. Last week I did have one incident. I was working the Reference Desk when I heard the sound of the metal cupboards in the second floor Staff Lounge closing. It is a distinctive sound. When I told my co-worker she seemed confused because there was no one upstairs and the doors were all locked. No one was in the area at all….well no one physical.

When I think of the ghosts, I always wish I knew more. Questions like “What are they really?”, “How they exist?”, and “What their time is like?” There are so many questions I would love answers to, as I am sure you would agree. This is why we ask questions while using the digital recorders and ghost box. We would like answers to the burning questions.

I will post any activity we may find after the repairs and relocating is done. It should be an interesting few months. Remember, we will be hosting a Ghost Walk on May 22. For more information please call the library at 307-875-3615.

Do you have any information you would like to share on the subject?

I would love to hear what my readers think.

2015 Ghost Walks Schedule

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The staff at the Sweetwater County Library are happy to announce the

2015 information for upcoming Ghost Walks.

Regular Ghost Walks

May 22nd              Tour #1: 9-10:30 pm       Tour #2: 11-12:30 pm     

Tickets on sale starting May 4th 9am

October 24th       Tour #1: 9-10:30 pm       Tour #2: 11-12:30 pm     

Tickets on sale starting Oct. 5th 9am

Ticket Price: $5.00 each                 Must be 15 yrs. old or older to attend.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

December 5th     Tour #1: 6 pm                    Tour #2: 9 pm

Ticket Price: Not yet set                                Must be 15 yrs. old or older to attend.


As you might have noticed there a few changes this year. The ticket price for the regular Ghost Walks will now be $5.00 each. There will only be two tours per night this year, but each tour will be one and a half hours long, instead of the hour long tour from before. If you have ever attended one of the Ghost Walks, you know how frustrating it is to have activity really begin to spike just as it is time to go home. By adding the additional time, we hope to give you the public a little longer to investigate.

Closer to winter we will announce more about the Ghosts of Christmas Past, but be sure to save the date. Tickets usually go on sale one month ahead of time.


Why attend a ghost walk you say? Are you a believer in the paranormal? Have you ever wondered if there is something else out there beyond death? Or are one of those people that just like a little scare? I have heard of these reasons stated during an investigation at one time or another.   So many people have totally different ideas of the paranormal and what it is.

For me, I work here. I walk in the doors every work day. I have never felt threatened. I have felt unnerved or unsure, but the spirits here seem to be benign. Through time we have begun to refer to the spirits in our building as “Casper like” as in Casper the Friendly ghost. This is not to say something may decide to be playful and pull a prank or pull at your shirt. We have many reports of tour attendees having “someone” tug on their clothes or even feel a small hand slip into theirs. We believe we have several small children spirits here and they tend to like the mother figures in the crowd.

Last winter we had an almost all male tour. It was pretty interesting to watch their reaction to things. I don’t believe many of them had ever been on a tour before. They reported having the women spirits coming through on digital devices and at least two smelled perfume. One man came to me after and mentioned that he felt a “female” had been following us all night. Each tour is unique, each tour is special. We never know what will or will not happen. It is all up to the ghosts.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, come join us this year for one of the Ghost Walks.

Sometimes seeing or hearing or feeling is believing.


Strange Photography Practices

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spirit-photo-400Have you even run across a photo and something seemed odd? You know, where everyone looked fine except for one person in the shot, that person looked as though they were dead. Well, oddly enough, taking photos of the diseased was fairly common in the Victorian age.

I ran across several photos, purely by accident online and it reminded me of the tales I had heard long ago about this practice. It seems that when a loved one died, the thought was that it would be the last time the family could be photographed together. In our time, this seems a bit odd. At least to me it does. My family does not take photographs of anyone dead. I do know of others that do on occasion.


In the past many parents would ask for a photograph of their beloved child, but as it goes with children, it was not always easy. Photographers tried to be clever and shroud the mother’s in fabric to hide their appearing in the images. At times it actually worked, but during others it just looks odd. If you didn’t know that was what they were trying to accomplish, ymain-pic_2747585bou would just think the photographer was not great with backdrops.

You may also find in that box of old family photos, some that show “ghosts”. Remember in the 1800’s Spiritualism was the rage. Spiritualism is a belief that spirits of the dead have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. Many charlatans would take a photo of someone that had lost a loved one. They would then add the image of the person’s loved one or a random spirit, while developing the images. The poor grieving person would of course buy the print and usually give money to them as well. Many of these tintype photos are still around. Families have passed them down through the generations. Such a sad practice!

I have seen photos that also show a person wearing every valuable item they own. Jewelry, clothing, whatever, it doesn’t seem to matter. I was informed that it was to show the person’s net worth. Wow. Could you image any of us dressed in all our valuables today? I have more “things” than I should actually say. Today our value on material items would certainly make this interesting to say the least.

Do you have photos that would be fun to share? It is always entertaining to look in the old photo albums or shoe boxes to see what treasures.


The Haunted Library; Book Update

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For some time now I have been mentioning the fact, I am writing a book about the Sweetwater County Library ghostly reports. Since 1993, I have been the keeper of the official Ghost Log. It all began in 1992, when I first started working at the library. The staff would tell amazing stories of “things that go bump in the night, and day”.

One of the first stories I remember hearing was from, the then, Library Director. She walked me into the Multi-Purpose Room. Once there, she proceeded to explain how she had just close the mechanically run stage curtain. Next she turned to leave and hear something, which made her turn around. To her amazement, the curtains on the stage were once again wide open. One other staff member also told of this happening to her. I was in no doubt they thought this to be paranormal.

Because of continuing stories being told, I approached the Head Librarian and asked if I might read more about what goes on here. She stated that nothing has been written down. They just share stories as they happen. I then asked permission to start a “ghost log”. Logging the reports slowly caught on. At first the staff were nervous about reports. They did not want others to think them crazy.

The Ghost Log has gone from a slim three ringed binder, to two four inch think binders. We now add newspaper articles and photos. Many patrons have been sending in information and reports as well. Once the Ghost Walks were started in 2006, the amount of reports has risen dramatically. The Ghost Walks allowed us and the patron to do actual paranormal investigations. Along with this came many photos and digital recordings. The digital recordings are also known as EVPs or electronic voice phenomenon.

Because of interest that public has shown for the reports, photos, EVPs and general paranormal finding about the library, in 2011 I asked permission to start a book about our findings and the history of the library and the property it sits on.

I had not planned on telling anyone outside the library about the book at first. Somehow the information was leaked and soon, it seemed, everyone knew about it. Because I am first and foremost a librarian, my work has to be done before I am allowed to work in the book. It is for this reason we are now in 2015 and I am still working on the book. If the planets are all in alignment and all goes well, the book will be out this year.

I have been working very hard to have time to finish all that needs to be done. I’m sure you will guess, this is a huge amount of checking and double checking. My wonderful editor, our Public Relations person, Lindsey Travis now is working on the edits. Reports and photos, along with personal stories, have been added. My hope it you will find this book educational as well as informative. For those that love the paranormal, I hope you find it inspiring and transforming.

Words can’t say how excited I am to be this far. By my calculations we are now about 85% complete. I would like to thank those of you that have supported this project, as well as those that have contributed information, reports, photos, EVPs, etc. Without you this book would not be happening.
Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the books completion.

Got Ghost?

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It never fails to amaze me how many times we are asked if the Sweetwater County Library is haunted.   My answer is simply yes it is. I don’t mean haunted like a Stephen King novel or where terrible things happen. Luckily our resident spirits are generally friendlier than or at least as curious about us as we are about them. I jokingly call them “Casper-like” in reference to Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Before I became employed at the library, I had only a couple unusual things happen. Since the first day I started I have had everything from hearing my name whispered in my ear, to seeing movement out of the corner of my eye, to seeing full-bodied apparitions. I just reached my 22 anniversary at the library and for just shy of that mark, I have been the keeper of the Ghost Log. I am not someone that is super brave as for as the paranormal goes so don’t be too impressed. I am one of the tour guides for the paranormal events along with my buddy Bianca Jorgensen and our wonderful volunteers who all help make it happen. We lead the tours throughout the library to try to show the public the true side of a paranormal investigation with hopes that our “spirits in the stacks” will join us as well.

A ghost hunt is a basic paranormal investigation. There has been some rumors around town that we “add” to the events. This is not a spook alley or haunted house like you will see elsewhere for Halloween. That is not at all what we are about. Our goal is to educate and share with the public what we know or have found out about our ghosts. . We always have rules we follow such as no provoking and no disrespect toward the spirits or each other. It may seem odd to some but we also ask the spirits here to respect us as well and for the most part they do.

As far as helping you with your own ghost problems, we have several contacts in which we can put you in touch with that will have more knowledge and expertise. P I Team of Utah is one of these groups that we are in partnership with. They are an affiliate of TAPS/Ghost Hunters. If they do not have the information you need they will help you find it. We are very pleased they are our good friends and welcome them and their assistance.

Thank you to everyone that came out for this year’s Ghost Walks and Ghosts of Christmas Past event. We had a good year. New photos and good EVPs have been received. As soon as I can review all the evidence I will post it here on the blog. We hope you find the Ghost Walks help you understand somewhat, the story of the library and the property it sits on. Also we try our best to help you to communicate with the spirits here and they with you.

For more information on the Ghost Walks or Ghosts of Christmas Past, please call 307-875-3615 or stop by the library.

Ghosts of Christmas Past 2014

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Once again our Ghosts of Christmas Past event was a huge success. The amazing staff and volunteers at the SWC Library provided decadent desserts for the patrons to enjoy while the group Stage-Brush (a sub-group of the Actor’s Mission) performed and impromptu to comedy session. The annual holiday event always included a Ghost Walk at the end of each session.

Two lucky winners won tickets to the GOCP by logging onto the SWCLS Facebook page.  Congratulation Tyler and Mary!

Thank you everyone that join us this year. It is our pleasure to bring this event to you.


Please enjoy a few photos from the event.

2014 Private Ghost Walks-Reports Micki Gilmore

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10/31/2014 Private Ghost Walk

Mary C. was the winner of the Private Ghost Walk Auction. She brought four friends with her. We pulled out all of our ghost hunting gadgets as well as the Raggedy Ann doll. We started at the big table on the main floor. This is a change from the regular path we take. The idea was to try to get the spirits to interact more. It worked somewhat. We will hear noises and soft voices. I saw two shadows peep out from the stacks while the group was still sitting and talking. Ursula and I both heard footsteps and a giggle from the Young Adult area while we were there as well. Mary and her husband felt cold spots. Tiffany said someone was walking with her. Ursula also felt someone with her. The Staff Lounge was very busy. The restroom did not disappoint. The gadgets really went off and a voice was heard in the hallway. Noises were heard in the Multi-purpose Room and two of us heard and saw something in the back hallway downstairs. The garage also had activity and Ursula seemed to be talking to a “cowboy” there. Every time she would ask a question the KII would light up to red. It would not any other time. I heard a voice by the garage door and someone felt a touch on their arm.   Very good night.

11/15/2014 Private Ghost Walk

Tyler was the winner of the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation Private Ghost Walk auction. He and three others attended this walk. None of them had joined us before. They were very, very excited. This always seems to help bring the spirits in. Ashli was one of the attendees. She seemed to attract much of the ghostly attention. They liked her. We have noticed certain bubbly personalities attract the spirits. Ladies Room was activate but not overly. The Youth Service area was good. The KIIs lit up many times and on the ghost box we heard “captain” a couple of times. Ursula’s name was said once and I asked it to say her name again and it did. WOW. Ursula and Tiffany were my helpers and they both seemed to have spirits following them. The garage was really good. We saw a shadow and heard voices. Going up to the Staff Lounge we had activity in the stairs as well as the hallway. We all heard voices several times. The KIIS went nuts and activity was everywhere. It was very evident this was a very good Ghost Walk (one of the best ever). The only problem was we had to leave for the night. There was no telling how long the activity would have lasted. Way cool nigh!!

**I used my digital recorder, camera and camcorder on most areas. The attendees also took photos. I have not had time to do evidence review yet but I will post when it is all in. It is my hope we will get some compelling evidence.

2014 Ghost Walk Reports by Micki Gilmore

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This is the first year we have started using the Ghost Walk Volunteers. We have a hand-picked group of eight. We rotate a few at a time for each Ghost Walk. Their names may appear often in the on-going reports. Emily, Tiffany, Ursula, Cheyenne, Hannah, Kenedie, Kyle and Shalise.

9/26/2014 Regular Ghost Walk Report

As usual we had four tours. I guided tours 1 & 3 and Bianca Jorgensen did 2 & 4.

Tour 1-Usually the earlier tour is a little quieter.   This was the case this night. We did have some KII action, cold spots and unknown noises. There were many “newbies” during this walk. They were very quiet and did not join in the questions and EVP session much. I have not reviewed the digital record evidence yet or the video record.

Tour 2-I sat this one out but I understand they used the ghost box in the back area of Youth Services. There is a small table and chairs there and the group sat and asked questions. For the first time “captain” came up several times.

Tour 3-A couple people reportedly saw shadows in the stacks. Someone hear a little girl or young lady speak in or by the Lady’s Room. Several noises were heard in the Young Adult area. Some light play was seen towards the Front Desk area. The smell of tobacco was very evident in the Young Adult area but it moved around a bit, then it just disappeared. The restroom I the Staff Lounge was really great. Lots of hits on the KIIs and EMF meters. A man, Tracy Clements, stated that he saw a shadow move in the main floor of the library. I told him to take a photo. He sent it in and it looks like a “spaceman” so that is what I have dubbed it. Wow. Good stuff.

Tour 4-I tagged along for this one. Several people heard voices and at least two saw shadows. I saw shadows in the stacks. One lady said she felt like she was being touched on the arm. We had good luck with the ghost box and had a very unusual happening. One lady asked while in the Staff Lounge if she could try to talk to her son that had dead. We said of course. She asked for him and every device in the room lit up. We also thought we heard the ghost box saying James which was his name. No dry eyes in the room at that point.

10/25/2014 Regular Ghost Walk

As usual we had four tours. I guided tours 1 & 3 and Bianca Jorgensen did 2 & 4.

Tour 1-For this group, 2/3 were new to the Ghost Walks. There were several in Halloween costumes which I don’t know if it helps or scares away the ghosts. The KIIs lit up several times in the Ladies Room and one man stated he felt cold. As we moved around the library we smelled tobacco again. No activity in the Young Adult section at all. It felt “dead” (no pun intended). The Staff Lounge was more active. We had lots of KII hits and the EMF detector with the orange dome sounded off many times. The ghost box said “Ursula” several times. This is not a common names, so we were very pleased.

Tour 2-Bianca was working with the ghost box and received several names – James, Captain, Ursula, Annie, and one lady’s name I can’t remember. It was a new one. The KII’s were very active most of the tour. The Staff Lounge seemed to be the most active. In the restroom there was once again tons of activity. No one wanted to leave. That was the best!

Tour 3-Voices, shadows and cold spots in several places-Ladies Room, Youth Services, and Staff Lounge. The KII’s were generally lighting up most of the night. We tried the ghost box and got sentences but we could not make it all out. That always makes us nuts. We heard a man and a woman. Also what seemed like a child spoke. We asked are you a child and we heard “yes”. The orange domed EMF detector sounded and lit up many times in the Staff Lounge. The ghosts seem to always be up there. There was the sound of running in the hallway by the Staff Lounge as well.

(to be continued)


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