Ghosts of Christmas Past 2014

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Once again our Ghosts of Christmas Past event was a huge success. The amazing staff and volunteers at the SWC Library provided decadent desserts for the patrons to enjoy while the group Stage-Brush (a sub-group of the Actor’s Mission) performed and impromptu to comedy session. The annual holiday event always included a Ghost Walk at the end of each session.

Two lucky winners won tickets to the GOCP by logging onto the SWCLS Facebook page.  Congratulation Tyler and Mary!

Thank you everyone that join us this year. It is our pleasure to bring this event to you.


Please enjoy a few photos from the event.

2014 Private Ghost Walks-Reports Micki Gilmore

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10/31/2014 Private Ghost Walk

Mary C. was the winner of the Private Ghost Walk Auction. She brought four friends with her. We pulled out all of our ghost hunting gadgets as well as the Raggedy Ann doll. We started at the big table on the main floor. This is a change from the regular path we take. The idea was to try to get the spirits to interact more. It worked somewhat. We will hear noises and soft voices. I saw two shadows peep out from the stacks while the group was still sitting and talking. Ursula and I both heard footsteps and a giggle from the Young Adult area while we were there as well. Mary and her husband felt cold spots. Tiffany said someone was walking with her. Ursula also felt someone with her. The Staff Lounge was very busy. The restroom did not disappoint. The gadgets really went off and a voice was heard in the hallway. Noises were heard in the Multi-purpose Room and two of us heard and saw something in the back hallway downstairs. The garage also had activity and Ursula seemed to be talking to a “cowboy” there. Every time she would ask a question the KII would light up to red. It would not any other time. I heard a voice by the garage door and someone felt a touch on their arm.   Very good night.

11/15/2014 Private Ghost Walk

Tyler was the winner of the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation Private Ghost Walk auction. He and three others attended this walk. None of them had joined us before. They were very, very excited. This always seems to help bring the spirits in. Ashli was one of the attendees. She seemed to attract much of the ghostly attention. They liked her. We have noticed certain bubbly personalities attract the spirits. Ladies Room was activate but not overly. The Youth Service area was good. The KIIs lit up many times and on the ghost box we heard “captain” a couple of times. Ursula’s name was said once and I asked it to say her name again and it did. WOW. Ursula and Tiffany were my helpers and they both seemed to have spirits following them. The garage was really good. We saw a shadow and heard voices. Going up to the Staff Lounge we had activity in the stairs as well as the hallway. We all heard voices several times. The KIIS went nuts and activity was everywhere. It was very evident this was a very good Ghost Walk (one of the best ever). The only problem was we had to leave for the night. There was no telling how long the activity would have lasted. Way cool nigh!!

**I used my digital recorder, camera and camcorder on most areas. The attendees also took photos. I have not had time to do evidence review yet but I will post when it is all in. It is my hope we will get some compelling evidence.

2014 Ghost Walk Reports by Micki Gilmore

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This is the first year we have started using the Ghost Walk Volunteers. We have a hand-picked group of eight. We rotate a few at a time for each Ghost Walk. Their names may appear often in the on-going reports. Emily, Tiffany, Ursula, Cheyenne, Hannah, Kenedie, Kyle and Shalise.

9/26/2014 Regular Ghost Walk Report

As usual we had four tours. I guided tours 1 & 3 and Bianca Jorgensen did 2 & 4.

Tour 1-Usually the earlier tour is a little quieter.   This was the case this night. We did have some KII action, cold spots and unknown noises. There were many “newbies” during this walk. They were very quiet and did not join in the questions and EVP session much. I have not reviewed the digital record evidence yet or the video record.

Tour 2-I sat this one out but I understand they used the ghost box in the back area of Youth Services. There is a small table and chairs there and the group sat and asked questions. For the first time “captain” came up several times.

Tour 3-A couple people reportedly saw shadows in the stacks. Someone hear a little girl or young lady speak in or by the Lady’s Room. Several noises were heard in the Young Adult area. Some light play was seen towards the Front Desk area. The smell of tobacco was very evident in the Young Adult area but it moved around a bit, then it just disappeared. The restroom I the Staff Lounge was really great. Lots of hits on the KIIs and EMF meters. A man, Tracy Clements, stated that he saw a shadow move in the main floor of the library. I told him to take a photo. He sent it in and it looks like a “spaceman” so that is what I have dubbed it. Wow. Good stuff.

Tour 4-I tagged along for this one. Several people heard voices and at least two saw shadows. I saw shadows in the stacks. One lady said she felt like she was being touched on the arm. We had good luck with the ghost box and had a very unusual happening. One lady asked while in the Staff Lounge if she could try to talk to her son that had dead. We said of course. She asked for him and every device in the room lit up. We also thought we heard the ghost box saying James which was his name. No dry eyes in the room at that point.

10/25/2014 Regular Ghost Walk

As usual we had four tours. I guided tours 1 & 3 and Bianca Jorgensen did 2 & 4.

Tour 1-For this group, 2/3 were new to the Ghost Walks. There were several in Halloween costumes which I don’t know if it helps or scares away the ghosts. The KIIs lit up several times in the Ladies Room and one man stated he felt cold. As we moved around the library we smelled tobacco again. No activity in the Young Adult section at all. It felt “dead” (no pun intended). The Staff Lounge was more active. We had lots of KII hits and the EMF detector with the orange dome sounded off many times. The ghost box said “Ursula” several times. This is not a common names, so we were very pleased.

Tour 2-Bianca was working with the ghost box and received several names – James, Captain, Ursula, Annie, and one lady’s name I can’t remember. It was a new one. The KII’s were very active most of the tour. The Staff Lounge seemed to be the most active. In the restroom there was once again tons of activity. No one wanted to leave. That was the best!

Tour 3-Voices, shadows and cold spots in several places-Ladies Room, Youth Services, and Staff Lounge. The KII’s were generally lighting up most of the night. We tried the ghost box and got sentences but we could not make it all out. That always makes us nuts. We heard a man and a woman. Also what seemed like a child spoke. We asked are you a child and we heard “yes”. The orange domed EMF detector sounded and lit up many times in the Staff Lounge. The ghosts seem to always be up there. There was the sound of running in the hallway by the Staff Lounge as well.

(to be continued)


Happy Holidays

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From the Sweetwater County Library System.

Thanks for stopping by.

John Tenney, Paranormal Expert

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paranormal ghost

John Tenney Paranormal Expert

If you are familiar with the name John Tenney, then let me introduce you. A couple years ago I attended a Beyond Reality event at the Estes, Colorado famous Stanley Hotel. One of the guest speakers was in fact John Tenney. I had not heard of this man and was curious about him and his work. I was amazed at his speaking ability and how well he touched the audience.

Weird states:

John has been actively involved in the field of anomalistic/conspiratorial/occult research for well-over two decades. It is estimated that, over the past 25 years, more than 60,000 people have attended one of John’s signature “Weird Lectures.” John E.L. Tenney’s columns and articles have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to numerous public and private schools, universities, organizations and clubs. The author of over a dozen books, Mr. Tenney has also been interviewed extensively on radio and television worldwide. In 2011 Mr. Tenney created a bi-weekly podcast “Realm of the Weird” which Real Detroit Weekly recently awarded “Detroit’s Best Podcast” Aside from his lectures and due to his extended time involved in anomalistic research he has acted as a consult for numerous companies including, but not limited to, NBC, A&E, Fox, SyFy, The Detroit Free Press and Huffinton Post, Men’s Health and The New York Times. He is currently the co-host of the TV show Ghost Stalkers which airs on Destination America.

John’s new show “Ghost Stalker’s” will be on my list for new shows to keep an eye on. The premise of the new program is to show the differences between a veteran paranormal investigator and a person fairly new to ghost hunting. It should be very interesting to see the differences in the two personalities and how they approach their task.

Personally, I have found some of the television shows to be somewhat scripted. I understand we are talking about a television production but come on already. Do we really want to see the same thing every week? I don’t. Real paranormal investigating takes time. The ghosts do not just appear every time, they work on their own schedule. I want the real deal, not some overdone production.

When I met John Tenney I knew he was the real deal. I was so impressed. My hope is that his new show can allow him to do what he does best, investigate. I am not familiar with his new partner Chad Lindberg, but I hope they will show us some good stuff. Maybe with a little old-school and a little new-school, the two will bring us something exciting and educational. I for one like to learn a bit from the shows I watch.

You can find more on John Tenney at:

Weird Lectures-

Fox News Interview-




The Spaceman

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Tracy Clement Photo 9.26.2014 Ghost Walk.jpg  Cropped

The staff here at the library are always happy to bring to you the Ghost Walks. The public has seemed very interested in the paranormal and have participated for a number of years. One of the best parts of the holding the Ghost Walks is when people like you share their findings. Without these reports, photos, EVPS (electronic voice phenomenon), we would not have the amount of evidence that we now have.

It has been a while since a really interesting photo has been turned in. During the September Ghost Walks, Tracy Clement a participant, randomly snapped photos. The group was towards the end of the tour and were in the upstairs Staff Lounge. Tracy stood at the glass windows looking downstairs and began taking photos. Just before he left that evening he showed me an interesting white shape that he was able to capture. It looked to me like “a spaceman”.

The next Monday after the Ghost Walk, a woman came in with her computer. Now remember, I called Tracy Clement’s photo “The Spaceman”. A Bianca Jorgensen my partner in crime, and I spoke with the woman and she was all excited. She said “I caught a photo of something odd and I call it the spaceman”. What are the odds? She was not able to find the photo file while she was here but described a spaceman’s helmet. We were so intrigued. I am hoping she remembers to send it to us once the file is found.

Please know not all photos are ghosts. It is important to know that many are actually not. When images or any evidence is received, we do our very best to be unbiased and open-minded. Generally we try to debunk all evidence as well. This is the art of disproving the claim. Many photos are not what they seem. Often times, lighting and shadows change what we see, which makes it look as if it is something totally different. It is never our intent to discredit the person sending in evidence, but instead it is our honest endeavored to prove what can be proven and disprove what is not real.

It may sound strange, but I dub each photo with a tag line or title. It makes it easier to clarify which image we are talking about. You may hear me discussing titles like ghost girl, shadow in the stacks, man with top hat, blue mist and lady with long dark hair. As my dad would have said “You call them as you see them”.

Hopefully those of you that still have evidence that has not been shared, will decide to bring in or email that proof. You can do so by sending your images, EVPs or written reports to Micki Gilmore at Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Without your sharing we would not have the bulk of evidence to share with the public.

You may also view the official Ghost Log here at the Sweetwater County Library. It does not check out but is available for the public by asking for it at the Front Desk.

Thank you Tracy Clements for sharing.

Happy Haunting!

Photos and Editing

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During our time here at the library we have received various photos from the patrons. We appreciate it when others are willing to share their findings with us. Without you, we would not have the great collection of evidence that we now have.

Each bit of evidence we receive is looked at and gone through to the best of our ability. Photo are generally fairly dark because of the lack of lighting during a Ghost Walk. The guideline I use is “less is more”. The only editing I add to any photo sent in is lightening or darkening for better visibility of the object/spirit in question or cropping to allow a closer more detailed look. By keeping the editing to a minimum we are able to maintain the quality and crispness of the original photo.

I have several examples.

Kyle & Shalise Lamb 1 cropped girl










First is the “ghost girl” shared by Kyle and Shalise Lamb. The original photo was taken during the 2011 Ghost Walks. Once they were home perusing their photos they noticed a little someone peeking out from the new book display.

ghost walk 189.JPG  lightened














Second, is Lindsay Parks photo of the “dark shape” in the stacks. Her photo also was taken during a private Ghost Walk. Again, no one saw the shape during the event, but it was clear there was someone watching the activity at the time.














Third, is Paula Birrell’s photo dubbed “the man in the top hat”. During a 2010 Ghost Walk, she saw movement from the back of the library towards the Front Desk and snapped a photo. Boy are we glad she did.

Once the photos are sent to me I begin the task of checking for anything that seems wrong or Photo Shopped. I am not an expert but I always try to debunk what I can. Several times we have received snapshots of what seemed to be paranormal, but were nothing but shadows and light altering what was in view.

Although we do have several shots that have been proven to be non-paranormal, we ask the public to continue to share their findings. It seems, you the public/patrons are the ones that seem to get luck. Very rarely have staff been able to catch images of the ghosts among us. Your images can help to show the existence of spirits among us.

Please continue to share.

If you have evidence now or ever please feel free to send it my email to:

New on Our Shelves

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The end of every summer, people bring the library boxes of used books.  This year was no exception.  Along with all the fiction, science fiction, mysteries and westerns are a good amount of paranormal books.  I was very pleased to be able to add these to our collection.

There are a huge variety of titles out there and it would be impossible for the library to buy them all.  It is a nice surprise to open a box of donations and find like-new titles.  We received books on everything from Bigfoot to poltergeists.


You might enjoy reading The Secret History of Poltergeists and Haunted Houses by Claude Lecouteux.  This book states it covers from pagan folklore to modern manifestations.

From the back cover:


Stories of poltergeists and their mischievous and sometimes violent actions—knocking, stone or chair throwing, moving objects with invisible hands, and slamming or opening doors—are a constant through the ages.  What changes is how we interpret this activity.  For our pagan ancestors poltergeists were seen as helper spirits whose negative manifestations revealed their unhappiness with a household.  The medieval Christian church demonized these once helpful spirits and held exorcisms to expel them from the houses they haunted—which proved effective less than half the time.  The Age of Enlightenment cast these incidents as clever hoaxes, and many still believe this today.  But poltergeist manifestations continue to appear and often defy attempts to debunk them as pranks.  What then is behind this phenomenon?

Exploring accounts of poltergeists from ancient Greece and Rome, medieval Europe, and the modern world, Claude Lecouteux finds that while our interpretations of poltergeists many change, the manifestations always follow a similar course and evolution.  He shows how modern scientific studies of poltergeist manifestations have found a strong tie between these visitations and the presence of a trouble adolescent in the house. Looking beneath the Christian adulteration of pagan practices to reveal the hidden ancestral beliefs tied to poltergeists and haunted houses, the author shows how these unhappy spirits serve as confirmation of the supernatural beings that share the earth with us and of our relationship with the natural and unseen world, a relationship we must take care to keep in balance.

Claude Lecouteux is a former professor or medieval literature and civilization at the Sorbonne.  He is the author of numerous books on afterlife beliefs, including The Return of the Dead and The Secret History of Vampires.


When looking for something to read regarding our haunted library, there are a couple choices.  On our shelves are Ghosts on the Range by Debra Munn, Wyoming Ghost Stories: eerie true tales by Debra Munn, and Wyoming Curiosities: quirky characters, roadside oddities, and other offbeat stuff by Dina Mishev.

These and many more are perfect for this time of year.  Happy reading!!

Ghost Walk Silent Auction

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Ghost Walk Logo











Private ghost walk to be held on October 31st from 11 pm to 1 am.

Winner gets a private ghost walk for up to eight persons.

Must be 15 yrs. or older to attend.


Bids will be accepted starting October 13st and close on October 25th.

The winner will be notified the following Monday.

Minimum bid starts at $25.00.

Bid increases must be at least $5.00 above previous bid.

Each bidder must sign an agreement slip or authorize a staff member to do this for them. Please initial in “received by” on all slips please.

All money raised will be donated to the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation.

For more information please call 307-875-3615.

Remembering the Frank’s Box Creator

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Many of take for granted, the use and mechanics behind the Frank’s Box or ghost box.  The creator was Frank Sumption who died not long ago.  He first devised the unique contraption to help collect EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon).  Mr. Sumption began with a background in Ham radio and electronics.  With his knowledge he was able to modify a radio to allow the user to hear paranormal voices and sounds.

Mr. Sumption’s work continued for many years.  He created several versions of his device.  As the news spread, the demand for the new machines grew.  Currently there are just under 100 original boxes in existence, but we now use the more modernized ghost boxes.

History of the Ghost Box

From the website   Angels and Ghosts –

EVP Evolves into the Discovery of the Ghost Box
EVP or electronic voice phenomena was discovered in the late 1950s and has become well known today thanks to numerous TV shows featuring ghost investigators using audio recorders to capture the voices of ghosts and spirits. More ghost hunters are embracing the two-way communication device called a ghost box (aka the Frank’s Box). Following on the heels of the Spiricom, one of the first known, two-way communication devices used to bridge the gap between the earth realm and the spirit realm, the Frank’s Box was the first device that allowed ghost investigators to speak to the dead. Frank’s Box is a ghost box that produces random voltage to create raw, random or linear sweeping audio from an AM or FM tuner that is then amplified and sometimes fed into an echo chamber before being recorded. Ghost boxes, such as Frank’s box, create audio bits and white noise that ghosts and/or spirits can then use to bring forth words – real time two-way communication. Frank Sumption was the original inventor of the ghost box. He conceived of the idea by first experimenting with Stefan Bion’s EVPMaker software for EVP recording while also being inspired by an October 1995 Popular Electronics magazine article that asked, “Are the dead trying to communicate with us through electronic means? Try these experiments and see for yourself.” Today, Frank is still experimenting with various improvements to his ghost box design.

Today, most ghost boxes do not sweep the band randomly, but prefer linear sweeping of the AM or FM bands. That is not to say other bands, such as shortwave, weather, etc. are not being experimented with by Frank and other Instrumental Transcommunication experimenters. Others since have developed their own ghost boxes, such as Paranormal System’s “MiniBox,” Joe Cioppi’s “Joe’s Box” and the “PSB7 Spirit Box.”

On a personal note, thank you Mr. Sumption for all the years of hard work.  The tools we use that were originally created by you are greatly appreciated.  If at some time you wish to send us a message we would welcome the talk. Frank, may you rest in peace.



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