New on Our Shelves

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The end of every summer, people bring the library boxes of used books.  This year was no exception.  Along with all the fiction, science fiction, mysteries and westerns are a good amount of paranormal books.  I was very pleased to be able to add these to our collection.

There are a huge variety of titles out there and it would be impossible for the library to buy them all.  It is a nice surprise to open a box of donations and find like-new titles.  We received books on everything from Bigfoot to poltergeists.


You might enjoy reading The Secret History of Poltergeists and Haunted Houses by Claude Lecouteux.  This book states it covers from pagan folklore to modern manifestations.

From the back cover:


Stories of poltergeists and their mischievous and sometimes violent actions—knocking, stone or chair throwing, moving objects with invisible hands, and slamming or opening doors—are a constant through the ages.  What changes is how we interpret this activity.  For our pagan ancestors poltergeists were seen as helper spirits whose negative manifestations revealed their unhappiness with a household.  The medieval Christian church demonized these once helpful spirits and held exorcisms to expel them from the houses they haunted—which proved effective less than half the time.  The Age of Enlightenment cast these incidents as clever hoaxes, and many still believe this today.  But poltergeist manifestations continue to appear and often defy attempts to debunk them as pranks.  What then is behind this phenomenon?

Exploring accounts of poltergeists from ancient Greece and Rome, medieval Europe, and the modern world, Claude Lecouteux finds that while our interpretations of poltergeists many change, the manifestations always follow a similar course and evolution.  He shows how modern scientific studies of poltergeist manifestations have found a strong tie between these visitations and the presence of a trouble adolescent in the house. Looking beneath the Christian adulteration of pagan practices to reveal the hidden ancestral beliefs tied to poltergeists and haunted houses, the author shows how these unhappy spirits serve as confirmation of the supernatural beings that share the earth with us and of our relationship with the natural and unseen world, a relationship we must take care to keep in balance.

Claude Lecouteux is a former professor or medieval literature and civilization at the Sorbonne.  He is the author of numerous books on afterlife beliefs, including The Return of the Dead and The Secret History of Vampires.


When looking for something to read regarding our haunted library, there are a couple choices.  On our shelves are Ghosts on the Range by Debra Munn, Wyoming Ghost Stories: eerie true tales by Debra Munn, and Wyoming Curiosities: quirky characters, roadside oddities, and other offbeat stuff by Dina Mishev.

These and many more are perfect for this time of year.  Happy reading!!

Ghost Walk Silent Auction

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Ghost Walk Logo











Private ghost walk to be held on October 31st from 11 pm to 1 am.

Winner gets a private ghost walk for up to eight persons.

Must be 15 yrs. or older to attend.


Bids will be accepted starting October 13st and close on October 25th.

The winner will be notified the following Monday.

Minimum bid starts at $25.00.

Bid increases must be at least $5.00 above previous bid.

Each bidder must sign an agreement slip or authorize a staff member to do this for them. Please initial in “received by” on all slips please.

All money raised will be donated to the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation.

For more information please call 307-875-3615.

Remembering the Frank’s Box Creator

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Many of take for granted, the use and mechanics behind the Frank’s Box or ghost box.  The creator was Frank Sumption who died not long ago.  He first devised the unique contraption to help collect EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon).  Mr. Sumption began with a background in Ham radio and electronics.  With his knowledge he was able to modify a radio to allow the user to hear paranormal voices and sounds.

Mr. Sumption’s work continued for many years.  He created several versions of his device.  As the news spread, the demand for the new machines grew.  Currently there are just under 100 original boxes in existence, but we now use the more modernized ghost boxes.

History of the Ghost Box

From the website   Angels and Ghosts –

EVP Evolves into the Discovery of the Ghost Box
EVP or electronic voice phenomena was discovered in the late 1950s and has become well known today thanks to numerous TV shows featuring ghost investigators using audio recorders to capture the voices of ghosts and spirits. More ghost hunters are embracing the two-way communication device called a ghost box (aka the Frank’s Box). Following on the heels of the Spiricom, one of the first known, two-way communication devices used to bridge the gap between the earth realm and the spirit realm, the Frank’s Box was the first device that allowed ghost investigators to speak to the dead. Frank’s Box is a ghost box that produces random voltage to create raw, random or linear sweeping audio from an AM or FM tuner that is then amplified and sometimes fed into an echo chamber before being recorded. Ghost boxes, such as Frank’s box, create audio bits and white noise that ghosts and/or spirits can then use to bring forth words – real time two-way communication. Frank Sumption was the original inventor of the ghost box. He conceived of the idea by first experimenting with Stefan Bion’s EVPMaker software for EVP recording while also being inspired by an October 1995 Popular Electronics magazine article that asked, “Are the dead trying to communicate with us through electronic means? Try these experiments and see for yourself.” Today, Frank is still experimenting with various improvements to his ghost box design.

Today, most ghost boxes do not sweep the band randomly, but prefer linear sweeping of the AM or FM bands. That is not to say other bands, such as shortwave, weather, etc. are not being experimented with by Frank and other Instrumental Transcommunication experimenters. Others since have developed their own ghost boxes, such as Paranormal System’s “MiniBox,” Joe Cioppi’s “Joe’s Box” and the “PSB7 Spirit Box.”

On a personal note, thank you Mr. Sumption for all the years of hard work.  The tools we use that were originally created by you are greatly appreciated.  If at some time you wish to send us a message we would welcome the talk. Frank, may you rest in peace.




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The definition of a doppelganger is:

In fiction and folklore, a doppelgänger or doppelganger (/ˈdɒpəlˌɡæŋər/; German: [ˈdɔpəlˌɡɛŋɐ] ( ), look-alike, literally a “double goer”) is a double of a living person and sometimes portrayed as a harbinger of bad luck. In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person’s relative or friend portends illness or danger while seeing one’s own doppelgänger is said to be an omen of death. In contemporary vernacular, the word doppelgänger is often used in a more general sense to identify any person that physically or perhaps even behaviorally resembles another person.

Have you ever heard of a doppelganger?  I have but, I am not very familiar with this term well or had any experience with this oddity.  Someone stopped in at the library and wanted to tell me a story.  Turns out their story was about this very thing.  They were traveling on vacation just a month ago.  The family stopped for gas.  The daughter noticed someone watching her and was very surprised to see the person was her neighbor from home.  He waved and smiled, so she waved and smiled.  As the father returned to the car the daughter mentioned to him that she had seen the neighbor.  He looked around and didn’t see him.  They thought it odd that the neighbor was in Montana in the same area they were.  He hadn’t said anything about a trip.  The father and daughter decided they would ask him how his trip was when they got home and they continued on.

Two weeks later they returned home.  When the chance arose, the father mentioned to the neighbor what a great trip they had had.  He asked the neighbor how his trip was.  Stunned, the neighbor asked how did you know I went on a trip.  So the father told him what the daughter said.  With a puzzled look the neighbor explained that he had been on a trip, but it was to Colorado because his mother had suddenly taken ill.  They called the daughter out and she described what clothes he had on and the hat he wore.  At first the father thought she might have just seen someone that looked like him, but……. the neighbor then started explaining that he had just bought the same clothes in Colorado and the daughter could not have known he had them.  Nothing made sense.  The daughter was adamant that she saw him and he had waved and smiled just like the neighbor so knew so well.  This event left them all scratching their heads.

A short time later the father was retelling the story to someone at work.  This person had heard of doppelgangers and asked if he thought this was the case.  He just wasn’t sure so he came to me for help.  Unfortunately we will probably never know for sure.

There are things in this world that keep us wondering.  This is just one of the many mysteries of life.  Do we just chalk this up to mistaken identity?  Or do we keep watch to see if it happens again?  I can tell you if it were me, I would be watching.  To see someone you know, they smile and wave and acknowledge your presents, I just don’t know.

Have you ever had anything like this happen?  This is a new one for me.  I would love to hear if you have.


Regular Ghost Walk Schedule for 2014

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It’s Almost Ghost Walk Time!!!

Many of you have been asking when we will host the next Ghost Walk.  Well…… here you go.

Fall Ghost Walk Schedule

Ticket go on sale September 2nd for the September 26th Ghost Walk.

Tickets go on sale October 1st for the October 24th Ghost Walk.

Available tours are: 8pm, 9:30pm, 11pm and 12:30 am.

All tickets are $10 each and are non-refundable.

Must be 15 or older to attend.

We now have the ability to accept credit and debit cards when purchasing tickets.  Be sure to have all the necessary information ready if doing so.

Just want is a ghost walk? The Sweetwater County Library is basically a haunted library.  The current library was built on the property where the old city cemetery once resided.  It is suspected that this and the fact that several graves were missed when the original cemetery was moved, is cause for the paranormal activity.

In 2006, Ellie Davis held the first informal ghost walk for a group of students attending one of her programs.  Because it was such a huge hit, adults soon wanted in on the action.  A couple years later, the official Ghost Walks were created.  Now several times a year these special paranormal investigations take place.

Our team uses ghost hunting gadgets that you may have seen on many of the ghost hunting shows on television.  Some of them are KII meters, EMF detectors, laser grid pens, digital thermometers, video camera, and digital cameras.  Anyone attending is welcome to bring their own devices.  We only ask that you be considerate of the other attendees when using them.  It may seem strange, but when using a camera or device that gives off light or laser, always be mindful of reflective surface.  You can actually cause damage to the eyes.

For more information, call the Sweetwater County Library at 307-875-3615.

Luck or Nature

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Things are feeling a little odd around here and I realized it was Friday the 13th   not long ago. People have been a little “off” and the energy just seems different. Something is spurring the energy to change.  Many people have commented on the reasons.  It could be a very interesting year.

Let’s take a look at this Friday 13th:


From Wikipedia:

Records of the superstition are rarely found before the 20th century, when it became extremely common. The connection between the Friday the 13th superstition and the Knights Templar was popularized in Dan Brown’s 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code and in John J. Robinson’s 1989 work Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry. On Friday, 13 October 1307, hundreds of the Knights Templar were arrested in France, an action apparently motivated financially and undertaken by the efficient royal bureaucracy to increase the prestige of the crown. Philip IV was the force behind this ruthless move, but it has also tarnished the historical reputation of Clement V. From the very day of Clement V’s coronation, the king falsely charged the Templars with heresy, immorality and abuses, and the scruples of the Pope were compromised by a growing sense that the burgeoning French State might not wait for the Church, but would proceed independently. However, experts agree that this is a relatively recent correlation, and most likely a modern-day invention.

Along with Friday the 13th this year we experienced a full moon on the same day.  What will this bring?  Suspicion and superstition run rampant.  I have been hearing all kinds of comments. It’s a rare confluence of calendar and that has not been seen in 14 years and it will not be seen again until 2049.  The last time the moon was full on a Friday the 13th was Oct. 13, 2000. Also to add to the mix, it was reported on the news that two, yes two, solar flares were spotted on the sun.

It is a well-known fact in Emergency Room’s and many public locations, that during a full moon, the so called “crazies” seem to come out.  Add Friday the 13th and all bets are off.  Do not walk under a ladder or let a black cat cross your path. I am not sure I buy into all this, but we don’t want to add to the list of luck breakers. Unless you are a member of the Knights Templar, Friday the 13th should just be another day.  Full Moons do of course affect nature in many ways.  Solar flares are thought to effect nature as well.  Do we make our own luck or are you stuck with wherever comes our way? Do you believe in the superstitions or is it all just happenstance?

I did have a sighting of a “person” walking along the back of the library on Friday the 13th.  I knew there were only a few of the staff in at that time and we had not opened yet.  I went to look to see if someone had somehow gotten in before opening and it is no surprise, no one was there.  It seems the “person” might just be one of our friends.  I could not tell you if it were man or woman exactly, but they were about 5 and a half feet tall and average build.  It was a very quick sighting down the second isle from the left towards the very back wall.  No one else saw this.   Interesting to say the least.

We have had a spike in activity of late.  I am beginning to wonder, is it the building settling again or something else or both?

Stay lucky!

More Settling at the Library

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DSC00105 (2)

The Sweetwater County Library, as most of you know, was built on the site of the old city cemetery.  The soil at the site is of a clay-base and therefore is not a truly stable ground.  To add to this, there is a small underground natural spring that runs from up the hill through the property.  Last but not least, the area is on a hill which means there will always be gravity working against us.

The building was opened in 1980.  By 1986 the need for the first retro-fitting was arranged.  The library closed for three months while crews came in and opened the concrete flooring down to the soil.  The staff told stories of noises and lights going on and off by themselves.  Workers stated their tools would to missing.  As a joke, several staff members placed cut-out skeletons in the holes so the workers would find them.  Real bones were inevitably found to the dismay of the crews. Large holes were dug and caissons were placed in hopes the building would stabilize.  Unfortunately, this was not to be.

For the second time in 2007, retro-fitting was again performed.  A crew was brought in and holes were dug.  In the Multi-purpose Room four holes were dug.  The dirt from the holes was piled in the center of the room.  The mound reached almost to the ceiling. Later when the room was put back together, it was used as storage for most non-permanent items from the main library.  The library was closed for six weeks, but staff continued to work on many projects.  The duct was unbelievable.  Most staff members ended up working in the Staff Lounge on the second floor because of this reason.

After the library was re-opened ghostly activity definitely picked up.  Many reports stated unexplained noises were heard and shadows were seen by staff and patrons alike.  It was thought that through time the spirits that inhabit the library do not like change.  They seem to dislike it when we move things or rearrange large amounts of books.

Once again, currently, we are experiencing a shift in the building.  As you look down the long stacks you can see a few slight raises in the floor.  One set of stacks was leaning and had to be supported.  If you are in the Multi-purpose Room sitting on one of our blue chairs, you may feel you are in a rocking chair.  A few areas of the room seem to have an uneven bit of floor.  When the chair is placed across it, it sits uneven.

Although retro-fitting has not been scheduled yet, it seems the paranormal activity is picking up.  We have had several interesting events in the last month.  This was posted on my last posting:

 I was working at the Reference Desk on the computer.  As I did I saw to the left of me a white orb, about the size of a table tennis ball.  It moved from just above the computer down and disappeared into the floor.  I have never had this happen before in all the time I have worked here (21 years).  WOW.  This was unbelievable.  I just sat here looking at the spot thinking it would re-appear, but it did not.  Wow.

Now we wait to see how the shifting might affect the building and possibly the paranormal activity.  This fall we start the Ghost Walks once again.  This may be a very interesting year!

Stay tuned………………………….

Ghostly Photos

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You hear me rattle about the paranormal and what facts and information I do know.  What gets me excited is proof.  For 21 years I have gathered stories from staff and patrons alike, on their experiences here at the Sweetwater County Library.  The one thing that is the hardest to get but is the “cream-of-the-crop” are ghostly photos that have been captured in the building.

It does not happen often, but it does happen.  I have taken hundreds and hundreds of photos and have only gotten orbs. I am a sceptic when it comes to orbs. Most can be proven to be dust or bugs.  Rarely do I capture anything that I consider “the-real-deal”.  I have to mention, I did however see with my own eyes for the first time ever a white glowing orb.  It appeared the first week of June while I was sitting at the Reference Desk.  It suddenly formed about the size of a table tennis ball.  It happened so fast.  It formed and then dropped straight down into the floor.  I was in shock.  No, I did not get a photo, but I wanted to state for the record that I have actually seen a true orb.

We do have one photo of an orb that is unusual.  It is an orange orb.  There are others around it, but it definitely stands out.  It was taken during library program where a band was playing.  Random photos were being taken and the orange orb was caught.

Orange Orb Cropped











During a special educational ghost walk for a local business, again random photos were taken by the attendees.  One woman was shaken when she reviewed her photos and found a dark shape in the stacks.  We just call it the dark shape.  To some, it looks like a small boy with his legs up as if he is sitting.  Others just are not sure what they see.  What do you think?



ghost walk 189.JPG  lightened
















One of our regular volunteers that works with the ghost walk, is Hannah.  She has been a part of our group for many years and previously was part of SPIS or Sweetwater Paranormal Investigation Society.  During one of the investigations here at the library, Hannah took pictures looking down from the second floor.  She had noticed movement at the bottom of the stairs.  She was very excited and said she had captured a photo of a blue mist.  She did, but while I reviewed the photo I noticed a lady with long dark hair.  I asked her who that was.  She stated “What lady?”  There had been no other women in the building besides her.  The rest of the team were all men.














Do you have photos of ghosts at the library?  I am always happy to see others.  Some people are shy about bringing them in to me.  Please feel free.  If you do not want your name mentioned, no problem.  We try to gather as much information and as many photos as are available.   Please remember to share your stories and your evidence whether it be photos, audio, or video.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated!!

Paranormal Activity at the Library

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One of the top questions we are asked at the library is “Have you had any activity lately?”  Many times the answer is no, but not lately.  It is always amazing to me how the work day can be moving along as usual, with nothing out of the ordinary is going on.  It can sometimes set you up for a surprise.

The past week has been an active week for some of us.  Library wise, we have been extremely busy.  It has been the end of school and the start of the Summer Reading programs.  To add to the energy level, several Rock Springs schools had requested special “ghost related” tours of the library.  Miss Ellie has been very busy with these groups.  The school children seemed very interested in what she had to share.  One young person said they felt a pinch on their arm.  While using the ghost box, several of the children stated they heard a baby cry.  I have to admit, I was working the desk when they came by and I too heard the baby cry over the radio.  Ellie also mentioned she heard it as well.

Our patron count has been very high.  This might account for the serge is reports. The ghosts seem to be attracted to high energy.  May times we find that programming with high energy will seem to nudge things along.  Many times before, during and after the Zombie Prom, which is an annual event, hundreds of orbs are in many of the photos.  It is the only time you see so many.  It is our belief that these are energy orbs from all the high excitement.


Listed below are the actual reports that I and the other staff members entered in the official Ghost Log:

5/23/2014 Mick & Alaina 4:35 pm

We were working the Front Desk.  The door to the back hallway was closed and we both heard it “bang” like someone was trying to come in.  Micki ran and looked and there was no one there.  Alaina stated she was sure she heard it too.

5/27/2014 Micki & Shannon 7:38 pm

We were working the Front Desk.  The door to the back hallway was closed and we both heard it “bang” like someone was trying to come in.  Micki ran and looked and there was no one there.  Shannon stated she was sure she heard it too.  Weird it happened twice in a week.

5/28/2014 Micki/Staff 11:45 am

I was working at the Reference Desk on the computer.  As I did I saw to the left of me a white orb, about the size of a table-tennis ball.  It moved from just above the computer down and disappeared into the floor.  I have never had this happen before in all the time I have worked here (21 years).  WOW.  This was unbelievable.  I just sat here looking at the spot thinking it would re-appear, but it did not.  Wow.

Photo #1-Orb in Young Adult area.  I am posting this to give an idea what an orb might look like. ( The one I reported was much whiter and much brighter. )

Photo #2-Notice multiple orbs in upper right corner, taken during a Zombie Prom.

*Time will tell if the activity will slow down or continue at this high level.

Stay tuned…………………….

Haunted Objects

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Does the name John Zaffis ring a bell? Well is you watch the Syfy Channel it might.  He and his crew are on the show “Haunted Collector”.

The following was found on John’s official website:

John Zaffis has over forty years of experience studying and investigating the paranormal. He has had the opportunity to work for and with his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This sent John beyond looking for ghosts and hauntings and into studying demonology under the Warrens. This led into John’s involvement with cases of possession and exorcism, which gave him the opportunity to work with prominent exorcists in this field, including Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis and ministers. John has assisted and worked with well-known exorcists Bishop Robert McKenna, Father Malachi Martin, and the Reverend Jun.

His research has taken him throughout the United States, Canada, England and Scotland covering several thousands of cases. Through hands on investigating with other investigators and clergy, he has obtained a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the paranormal and is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field today.

John has a lot of first-hand paranormal experience, including experience with ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic and diabolical entities. He has also worked extensively with both spiritualists and psychics concerning how their knowledge is used for channeling, reincarnation (past-life regression), calling of the spirits for information, and how they use meditation to acquire the information which they are seeking. Because of his personal experiences with hauntings, ESP, near death experiences and other paranormal activities, he is firm in his conviction that such phenomena exist.

John has been featured in the Discovery Channel’s documentaries A Haunting in Connecticut and Little Lost Souls. John has also appeared on Unsolved Mysteries, Fox News Live, and many other print and news media events. John also appears in Graveyards and In a Dark Place, both books written by Ed and Lorraine Warren. John’s first book, Shadows of the Dark, co-written with Brian McIntyre, was released in September, 2004. John hosted a show on SyFy, Haunted Collector, and became a producer for the last season of the show. John has also appeared on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. John is working on multiple follow-up books currently, and is lecturing all over the United States at colleges and universities.


One of the creepiest haunted dolls I have ever heard of, is the story of “Robert Did It!”  In the book “Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf” by Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg, a chapter is dedicated to this story under the title “Robert’s Rules: Chris Experience with the World’s Most Haunted Doll. I have seen this story on television a couple times and now read about it.  I am sorry but this one gives me the creeps.


People claimed to see the doll move-sometimes just its head, other times its whole body.  It would appear in different windows of the house and smile out at the neighbors. In one story, family members say they saw it running through the house.  Graves and Gravestones, a local ghost tour that has permission to visit Robert at night, says the activity did not stop there.  When Robert Otto died, Eugene inherited the house.  Into adulthood, he remained close to the doll.  Walking around with it and seating it at the dinner table led to the disintegration of his marriage. Eugene’s wife kept putting Robert out of sight, but the doll kept coming back, often visiting her. 

There is much more to this story and many more included in the book.

You may not want to read this before bed!



Book, Haunted Objects: Stories of Ghosts on Your Shelf” by Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg

John Zaffis official website

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