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Hello all. I would like to start back by introducing you to a local paranormal investigating group RSIP (Rock Springs Independent Paranormal).  They are a Sweetwater County based group, with members from both Rock Springs and Green River.  In the past, I have had the chance to meet some of the members.  Many of which, attended our past Ghost Walks on many occasions.

I have asked this group to tell us a little about themselves.  I hope you find this informative.

RSIP was originally R.I.P. (Reliance Independent Paranormal) under the soul owner of Tony Hills. He rebranded several years later to RSIP (Rock Springs Independent Paranormal) when Carlos Velez Jr, and myself (Lauren Velez; husband & wife team) as co-owners were brought in. Ursula Krentz was added as a lead investigator, Paula Birrell as historical researcher, and Tiffany Kennan investigator. Together we have over 25 year’s experience.  We have gone through some other investigators and tried using mediums on the core team but using mediums did not fit into our core investigation techniques. We have morphed the group into having all the mediums, wiccans, cult specialists, reiki healers, etc into an extension of referrals to help people after we analyze what would be best for the client. Eventually we would love to create a complete, cohesive investigation much like the show Dead Files where we have a medium go to a location, a historian dig up the history, and then the investigators substantiate what both find.

Our investigation techniques are pretty simple. A good investigator only needs a camera, a recorder, and an EMF detector of some kind. I like the MIL meter and the k2. A good laptop is a must as well. We have added equipment such as a thermal camera attachment, spirit box, laser grids, night vision camcorders with IR lighting, REM pods, and my favorite a Kinect mapping camera or SLS. I’d say of the extra equipment, the SLS has provided us with the most compelling evidence that was worth the investment. We would love to add some more but this is completely self-funded and we do not charge for our services. Services being, responding to families or property owners in need of understanding or are in fear of possible haunting. We also do investigations for fun and documentation.

On investigations we do not provoke spirits. I do believe there is a level of respect that investigators need to have, for the spirits, for the families or living inhabitants, and for the subject matter. There is a real danger to what we do. Most think it’s fun and games but we have dealt with real dark situations that have bled over into our home lives and lost us investigators. We are also very picky on what we call paranormal. If we get some “activity”, we will try to find other explanations while continuing to interact in hopes it is a real encounter. Some techniques we leave up to our viewers, like the flash light controversy. Half our team discounts it, half our team does not. So, we leave it up to you. For me there are too many environmental variables to say it’s paranormal without a doubt. If the flashlights respond on command multiple times in various ways then I’m more inclined to say it’s paranormal.

We have been contacted by several residents with paranormal issues. It’s been a goal of mine to try to help them through what they are dealing with. Who can you turn to when you can’t have a threat to your family or Home arrested or exterminated. We try to be the light at the end of the tunnel. We have had many successes and others that we hit a wall. There are some things we are not equipped to deal with but we methodically sift through the activity to try and find the source and a course of action to take.

Some examples of that come from different cultures. Native American smudging or cleansing with sage, cedar, Santo Palo wood, or sweet grass. We turn to religion with prayer, holy water, holy oils, and crucifixes. Other practices like the use of black salt, candles, crystals, envisioning protection of light and energy come from various cultural background ideas on protection and removal of negative energies or the paranormal. After helping a family that is very dear to me, Tammy & Shane of Green River, I decided to start the sister support group called, Beyond the Veil.

This premise was to start a closed, private group on Facebook so that people who have experienced the paranormal, who are sensitives, empaths, medium, or people who are family members or friends of these people that need an outlet to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other would have a safe place to do so without judgement. We did eventually try to have meetings were the members could come together and network, talk, and learn in person at the Sweetwater County Library in Green River. Attendance died down so we halted the meetings for now but the FB group is still running.  I would like to start some instructional videos in the private group on techniques to cleanse your energy and home, meditation and spiritual well-being techniques beyond the traditional church attendance, of which I am not opposed being raised Catholic myself.

I’m currently working on creating a RS Downtown Ghost tour with the URA and have a few investigations on the table. Our main Facebook page can be used for people to share their evidence and stories. We also try to invite conversation and share unique or famous Wyoming Haunted locations.  Carlos and I do travel and try to get little investigation clips from around Wyoming for the page and do hope we can bring the entire team to these locations someday.

Some of the locations we have investigated are Slovenski Dom now the Emporium of Bridger, MOB Vapors on Elk Street, the Historical Stanley Hotel and Isis Theater in Green River, The Fishbowl and Clearview Lanes, Pla-Mor Lanes, The Elks Lodge of Rock Springs, The Green River Legion, Winton, and some residents to name a few. Some are confidential locations and we take our clients privacy very seriously.

Submitted by group member Lauren Velez.


I’m Baaaaack

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Hello again!

I know it has been awhile. I have decided to help the library and continue to post updates and information as it comes available. After my retirement, many of you continued to contact me and ask for stories and updates. We believe this is a better way to stay in contact with you all.

The Sweetwater County Library still has the official Ghost Log. I recently visited the library and checked to see if any newer reports on ghosts/spirits at the library were logged in the Ghost Log. Unfortunately, I found none. Although no reports were entered, I do know there has been some activity.

About six months ago, I was attending a meeting for a then new group called RSIP’s Beyond the Veil. It is a paranormal based group that was formed to help anyone in need with questions or just needing to talk to someone. (They can be found on Facebook). Just after the meeting ended a couple of us started to walk out the meeting room. I remember seeing something out of the corner of my eye. Turns out we saw a shadow on the stairs heading upstairs. It was only there for a second or two and was gone.

After working for the library for 23 years and having experiences since the first week I began to the week I retired, I know “our friends” are still there. Many of the current staff report they have had on reports made to them of activity. I feel I know why. For those of us that have spirits visit us in one way or another, we know not everyone gets these experiences. I had an expert tell me once it is because to spirits we (the sensitives) are like a bright light or beacon, so they are attracted to us. Once staff member mentioned two weeks ago that she had hear a man’s voice first clear his throat then say one word but she didn’t know what was said.

If you find you are at the library and you have an experience, please feel you can approach the Front Desk and ask the librarians if you can give them a report. Please include all information you can. If you choose to exclude your name from the posted report, please give it to the librarian’s so we can at least contact you if more information is needed. By continuing to log the reports, this allows us to try to understand what this is all about. Let’s face it, no one knows exactly what is happening. We have ideas and try to educate ourselves as well as we can. You can help us with this.

Thank you to those of you that have helped us in the past. Because you were willing to come forward, we are able to understand the activity a bit better.


To contact RSVP’s Beyond the Veil please visit:

So Long!

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Micki on the rocks (2)

Yes, it is time for me to say good-bye. I am retiring from the Sweetwater County Library after 23 years of service.  I would like to thank those of you that have frequented this blog and for all your questions and comments. It has been my pleasure to bring to you, information, reports, tools, photos, etc. 

As for the book, we will continue to work on it’s completion as time allows. Sorry for the delay.

If you need assistance with your research, you may contact your local library. 

As always, Good Luck!


Micki Gilmore

Wyo.Con Haunted Library Panel

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Wyo.Con Haunted Library Panel 4.23.2016 (2)

On April 23rd, Bianca Jorgensen and I hosted the Haunted Library Panel Discussion at the White Mountain Library’s first WYO.CON in Rock Springs.  Two of our wonderful volunteers Tiffany Kennah and Ursula Krentz joined us in helping to inform and educate the public on the subject of the haunted library in Green River.

We provided a look at some of the amazing photos that the patrons have shared with us through the years.  They included some of what we call the greatest hits, Man-in-top-hat, the Little Girl, Green Guy, Blue Mist & Lady with Dark Hair, The Bones with Charlie Love, and more.  The photos always trigger many questions.  It was great to see young and old asking.  One gentleman had heard of stories and wanted clarification.  We are always happy to explain each report to the best of our knowledge.

The photo of the old city cemetery is always a big draw.  The public has many questions about the land and the area in which it sat. There was good discussion and many did not know the story of the old cemetery being moved up the hill to what is now, the Riverview Cemetery.  Also, many did not know that more grave were found as construction and stabilization began on the site. Two mass graves were dug and different times and are found in the current cemetery.  A large pine tree and a lilac bush mark the two spots where the bones were re-interred. Some bones are believed to still be buried on the property.  I personally, had been told by Alan Wilson, the previous City of Green River Supervisor for Parks & Recreation Department, that there are at least six graves remaining.  The reason the graves were not moved at the times the others were, was due to the belief those that had died did so because of smallpox.  The local citizens did not wish to take a chance in re-infecting the population.

The Ghost Walk Volunteers tiffany and Ursula were great. When asked some of their favorite experiences, Ursula spoke about the ghost she has dubbed “Cowboy”.  She first encountered him while helping with a ghost walk.  The group was in the garage area.  Library staff had been busy putting together a parade float that was western themed.  An old pair of cowboy boots had been nailed down on the one side of the float.  As the group and Ursula, particularly, passed by all the equipment went off.   We stopped and she stood in front of the boots and began questioning the spirit.  With KIIs in hand, it seemed she had a friend.  For each ghost walk since, it seems her friend likes to come out and visit.  There has only been one ghost walk that he stayed somewhat at bay, this is when Ursula’s husband attended.  Apparently, he will only talk to her through the devices if her husband in not in the building.  This gave everyone a good laugh.

Tiffany spoke of all the interaction between the spirits and those of us that attend, whether staff or patrons.  She mentioned that there is video evidence on Youtube from both P. I. Team of Utah and from the Sweetwater County Library.  If you have the time it is worth a peek.

I want to send out a special thank you Aaron Volner, staff member of the White Mountain Library, who put the event together.  This was the first attempt and patrons seemed please.   A special thank you goes out to Tiffany and Ursula for all they do for us.  They have attended the ghost walks for years and they have become a pivotal part of enabling us to continue.

Are They Gone?

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ghost walk 189.JPG lightened

Those of you that follow my blog, know I truly believe there are spirits here at the library. Sometime they are busy keeping us on our toes and other times it seems quiet. For a few months now, it seems they have decided to be very quiet.

Through all the years I have worked at the library, I have seen three full apparitions, heard countless unexplained noises or voices, felt a hand touch my arm, and seen shadows at play in the stacks and other areas, and much more. This has become part of my work.

Unless you have worked or lived in a haunted place, you will have no idea what I mean. Many times you see something out of the corner of your eye and then it is gone. It happens several times, but you find nothing. I think they like to watch us work and see what we are doing. Very rarely have I ever felt uncomfortable, but there have been a few unique visits.

Once while I was hard at work, I was at my desk and was diligently working on the computer. The next thing I knew, I felt there was the sense of someone very tall and large stepping behind me. I had chills from head to toe. I didn’t turn around, but I knew “he” was there. I had no doubt. You know the feeling you get when a person is behind you very close. This was how I felt. I was on a deadline for the work I was doing. I decided I had to take charge. I said out loud and very plain “I have work to do and I am on a dead line, I would appreciate it if you would let me finish my work”. Nothing. No change. I said it again and added “I know you are curious about what I am doing but you need to leave and let me finish”. Two minutes later, I felt a gradual lightening of the air and he was gone. I have never felt his presence since.

As I stated, it has been a bit quieter for several months. I does make you wonder if they left for Spring Break. I catch myself listening or looking just a bit to see if I am missing something. I seems they determine when and if they will visit.

I did however have one startling thing happen. Towards the end of February a staff member stopped by to ask the rest of us if we smelled smoke. We always check the building when this happens of course, but found nothing. She is not a believer in the paranormal. I seemed the smell moved and may have been following her. She walked from the Front Desk area threw the back room into the hallway. Just as she got into the hallway and to the bottom of the back staircase, I heard just to the side of my desk by the hallway door “Uh-hum Hello!). It was plain as day. It was a woman and older girl’s voice. I was so startled, my head whipped around to see who was there. There was no one. I heard this with my own ears. Unfortunately, no one else was in the room.

To answer my own question, “Are they gone?” I say no. I think as always, they choose when, where, and if they will pay us a visit. When you least expect it……………………..Boo.

*Photo by Leslie Lancaster/Lindsay Parks (dark figure in the stacks)

Do you believe in ghosts?

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The belief in the paranormal or ghosts is a very personal thing. Each of us bring with us a set of predetermined ideas on the subject. Our past and present are determining factors in our thought process.

For many people I speak with on the subject, they have had personal experiences that they feel prove the existence of ghosts. For others, their religious beliefs tell them there is no such thing. We are not here to tell anyone what to think. Our stand is “let the facts speak for themselves”.   Each person must decide for themselves where they stand.

As for me, I am sure you are not surprised I believe there are spirits, angels, ghosts, etc. I have seen them, heard them, felt them, and smelled things that should not be there. Believe it or not, I have actually had a psychological evaluation (for personal reasons) a while back and surprisingly to some, I passed with flying colors. I have joked about this with my friends, but there is a point to this statement. I do not show any signs of being delusional. Apparently what I have witnessed is truly happening or I believe it to be true.

Here at the library, we receive many reports yearly of patron and staff experiences. Many are very compelling and others are to be honest are less than compelling. I have no doubt that some of the stories are exaggerated. We try very hard to week out any stories we feel are fabricated, but there are those that boarder on questionable. We choose to keep them in the Ghost Log for the sheer reason we are not sure either way. We try to give the person providing the report the benefit of the doubt.

With all this said, there is something here. I have no doubt about it. Some mornings you walk and feel it, a tingle or energy in the air. You know there will be something happening soon. There are a few staff members that seem to have more happen an others. We are the “lucky ones”. Last week, a staff member mentioned she smelled cigarette or cigar smoke in the library. No one else smelled it. She thought someone was smoking and walked all around the library to check. There was no one smoking. As she walked past my desk I suddenly smelled smoke. Just as she walked down the hallway and out-of-sight, I heard a girl say “Uh-um Hello!” I jerked my head around and looked all over. There was no one there. I had chills from head to toe. I heard this with my ears, not with any device. Unfortunately, no one else was within earshot. Darn!

One interesting fact is, reports have been down for the last couple of months. Patrons will ask if we have had any activity lately over and over again and I have had to say there hasn’t been any. Just when we jokingly say “they are on vacation”, they seem to be here after all.

It is up to you to decide what you believe. I would love to hear from you and what helps you to believe or not believe.

Ghost with boo sign

The Volunteers

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1239615_627400797281939_2121757958_nThe Sweetwater County Library allows a select group of hand-picked volunteers to assist us on our Ghost Walks and special events. These special people have attended ghost walks for years and are very familiar with our procedures. They have shown themselves to be dedicated to the search for the truth about the spirits here and have proven this by their respect for those still inhabiting the property. For anyone that has attended the official Ghost Walks, you know these people and see for yourselves their willingness to help. No matter what task you give them, they are there to help. How lucky we are to have such an amazing enthusiastic bunch to work with.



Kyle and Shalise Lamb travel a good distance to join our events. They both have a strong belief in the paranormal and have on their own time traveled to many non-library related events and have networked with some of the more well-known ghost hunters. They come prepared with their own ghost hunting gadgets and understand the basic hunting technics that we apply. Shalise has her own photography business and Kyle does a good job also. He was able to capture the locally famous “Ghost Girl” photo. Good job!


Tiffany Kennah

Tiffany Kennah is a local lady that is quiet but gets the job done. For several years she has been a part of the so called “regulars” that attend the ghost walks. She is always one the first to say “yes” when asked to help with an event. What a sweetheart this lady is. She brings her own ghost gadgets and knows her stuff.



Ursula KrentzUrsula Krentz is a ball of energy walking. She is super ready to interact with the spirits here. She has been a “regular” for some time now and is very into the paranormal. She has her own ghost hunting gadgets and is very good with the ghost box. She has one special spirit that likes to let her know he is around. They have an interesting connection. While hunting in the garage for a special event, she seemed to come in contact with “Cowboy”. He come through often and likes it when she is here. But……he does not talk to her when her husband joins the hunt. We get a good laugh about it.

Kenedie Grant


Kenedie Grant has worked with us since the first ghost hunts in 2006. She has always been willing to help in any way we have asked and is a huge asset to the group. During one special even, Ghosts of Christmas Past, the guest speaker author was snowed out and she was willing to do a reading from the Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. Now there is a team player.

Hannah YeagerHannah Redden Yeager is also someone that has been with us since the first few ghost walks. She has always been willing to jump right in and do anything that is needed. She too was able to capture one locally famous photo. Hers is the one and only photo we have on file that actually shows two, yes two, spirits in the same frame. Hers is the one known as “Lady with dark hair/Blue mist”. What a great catch that was. It is very hard to get any photos of ghosts, but to get two at once, wow!


(No photo available at this time)  New to our group is Ian and Sami Doak. This is their first year and we think they will be great. Welcome you two.

EmilyBeitel 2Last but not least is Emily Beitel. Although she has not always been able to attend, she is still on the list. When she can she come with excitement and determination.

Almost all of the volunteers have had major contact with spirits. Some have had their hair stroked, some have seen full apparitions, and others have caught photos and EVPS. If given the chance, make sure to sit and visit with them. They have as many stories and encounters as Bianca (my cohort) and I do.

Special thanks to the volunteers for all the work they do for us and for helping to make the ghost walks happen. Thank you so much!!!!!!


Our Haunted Library Online

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When was the last time you tried to do a search for information on our haunted library online? Because most of you can visit the Sweetwater County Library, you may not have tried. Several patrons have reported multiple online links about the many ghost stories at the library. So I decide to check it out. I had no idea there were so many online sources mentioning our little library. Who knew?

I began by doing a simple search on the search engine Here are the links I found.


PI Team of Utah:


Haunted Places:


The Roundup:


Haunted America Tours:


The Shadowlands: Wyoming:


Encyclopedia Britannica blog:

Green River, Sweetwater County Library. Lights have gone off and on mysteriously ever since the library opened in 1980. Flapping sounds reverberate through the building at night. Former Director Patricia LeFaivre said that her staff has seen dots of light dancing on the walls inside the closed art gallery room in such a way that ruled out an external light source like car headlights. Back when the library had electric typewriters instead of computers, at least two of the machines were seen to type on their own. There was no paper loaded at the time, so if these were messages, they were lost. The staff experimented by leaving paper in the typewriters overnight, but no phantom typing occurred. The most bizarre event occurred some years ago when the interlibrary loan librarian turned away briefly from her computer—it was a dedicated GEAC terminal—and when she looked back she saw her name spelled out on the screen. “I don’t think the system could have done that itself,” LeFaivre explained. “It had no word-processing capabilities, and at that time we didn’t have email. Her name appeared in quite large letters . . . with nothing else on the screen.” Since 1993, the staff has kept a record of all odd goings-on in a Ghost Log. The library was built on top of a cemetery dating from the 1860s. Most of the graves, primarily those of Asian railroad workers, were moved in the 1920s, but a coffin turned up as recently as 1985. Paranormal activity most often takes place when maintenance crews are working on the building or the grounds. LeFaivre added, “What’s interesting is that when we finally accepted the ghost’s existence, it seemed to quiet down—like it just wanted to be recognized.”


Rex Libris:


Documents Delivered:


Haunted World:

Angry Spirits at the Library

Hearing the story of the Sweetwater County Library will teach you a very important lesson. Never mess with graveyards or you will disrupt the spirits that linger there.

The Sweetwater County Library is without a doubt the scariest place in Wyoming. The library opened in 1980 and shortly after the opening, problems started to occur. Appliances and lights started to go on and off randomly and books flew off the shelves at night. It was almost immediately that these experiences started to occur. A few years’ later people started hearing strange voices and flapping noises throughout the library. That was when the people in the city realized that their local library was haunted.

If that wasn’t scary enough, soon balls of light were seen wandering around the halls. The people who witnessed these balls of light believe them to be supernatural orbs. Typewriters started typing on their own and gates began swinging uncontrollably. There was never any reason or rhyme for these things happening. Nothing could explain why these things were happening.

Sometimes the recorder in the library would record on its own. It would record the air and sometimes clicks and loud breathing would be heard on the recording. This was where people working at the library drew the line. They desperately wanted to know why this was happening to their library.

After extensive research, they found that the library was built directly on top of a cemetery from the 1800s. Supposedly graves were moves in the early 1920s, but bodies kept turning up. They thought they had moved all the graves, but there were always more bodies found. A slew of bodies were found in the 1940s and again in the 1980s and it’s likely that there are still bodies underneath the library today.

This serves as a great lesson about not disturbing cemeteries. Do not build on top of a cemetery or you are sure to hear from the spirits who are upset that you disturbed their peace.


American Association of Paranormal Investigators:


Lisa Writopia:


Community Treasures:


Kou K. Nelson:

Partial interview with Kristina Wojtaszek author

And, of course, have you ever had a ghostly encounter?

KW: I have had a few occasions in the past where I thought I might have seen a ghost, but nothing definite.  However, I recently went on a ghost walk at the Sweetwater County Library in town and at the end of the tour, as the librarian told us how the area used to be a playground before it was a library, we heard the sound of children’s laughter resonating from the dark, abandoned hallway behind us.  It was very real, loud enough to startle us, and several people heard it, including me.  It was pretty cool, actually!  You can read more about my experience on the ghost walk on my website


Archives West:


I hope you enjoy all the posts. As I wrote this I was surprised to see the article about the “angry spirits”. I have worked for the library for 23 years and have never found that to be the case. Our spirits here, seem to be just that “here”. We have only had a couple people ever state they felt anything other than friendly and it was more the spirit was angry about something in the past, not at us. I look forward to your comments about the many sites listed.

Ghosts on the Range Part III

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ghost 5

Many of these involved unexplained electrical disturbances. Women staff members on several occasions reported turning off the lights in the Multi-Purpose Room, only to find them on again ten minutes later, with the switch controlling them still in the “off”position. Maintenance men Marlin Dillard and Don Leasor experienced similar disturbances in the same room and on the stairwell, and each time they could determine only that nothing was causing a short.

Ed Johnson was no more successful in finding the cause of mysterious behavior in a vacuum cleaner. “One night after the library had closed, I was running the sweeper back and forth between the book stacks,” he said. “Once I moved too far and pulled the plug out of the wall. Naturally, the vacuum quit working, so I turned the switch off and went back down the stacks to plug in the fifty-foot cord. But before I had walked back to turn the switch on again, the vacuum started by itself!

Ed is positive that the switch was off when the machine came to life. “The next thing I did was to unplug it, wind up the cord, and say to whoever or whatever was there, “Okay, guys, the building’s yours. I’m going home! Lots of times I’d had feelings that I was being watched, but nothing like this had ever happened before.”

Nearly everyone I interviewed reported the same sensation of being watched, especially in the Multi-Purpose Room. A custodian was vacuming there one day when she happened to glance up at an adjoining stage. The curtains were open and the stage was set for some upcoming events. The woman thought to herself how nice it looked and went back to her sweeping. When she glanced up again a short while later, the drapes were closed. Because they were operated by an electric opening and closing mechanism, the woman reasoned that one of the control switches must be at the Circulation Desk, and that the staff there were playing tricks on her. Upon confronting them, however, she discovered that the only switch for the curtains was the one in the Multi-Purpose Room itself.

Maintenance man Don Leasor had another eerie experience while vacuuming, when he heard what sounded like someone “rattling the heck out of a key chain.”

“Whatever was making the noise was in the same room with me,” he explained. “And whenever I’d shut the vacuum off, the noise would stop, too.”

Don has probably experience more unnerving icident’s that anyone else. Several times since he began working in April 1986 he has seem mysterious glowing lights inside the building.

“The first time,” he said, “I was getting ready to walk out the door, so I turned off the lights in the front room. About five seconds later, I saw small glowing lights moving over the wall, right above the entry way, just as if someone were shining little flashlights with eight-inch diameters of illumination. The glowing would appear and disappear every three or four seconds.”

Don is certain that he was not seeing reflections from passing automobiles. “I’ve seen car lights shining from the street and into the library, but these looked nothing like that.”

Even more upsetting was the experience shared by Don and former custodian Marlin Dillard. “We were upstairs, in a different part of the library, but we could hear distinctly what sounded like somebody latching the doors to the Multi-Purpose Room,” said Marlin. “Then, when we went down to look, nobody else was anywhere in the building.” Strangest of all was the fact that the doors were not even pulled shut when the two men came to inspect them!

Another time Don heard strains of “something that sounded like Beethoven” coming from the piano in this same Multi-Purpore Room. “I heard just a little of it, but then it stopped. And there was absolutely no one else around,” he siad. “What made this even creepier was that it happened the same night that the gate swung back and forth by itself.”

Perhaps his scariest experience was hearing voices, however. “One night when I was carrying out the trash, I thought I heard people talking, “ He said. “So I set the trash outside and closed the door as if I’d already left. Apparently, whatever was in the building thought I had. But then I sneeaked back inside and heard the voices coming from the Multi-Purpose Room. It sounded like a man and a woman yelling and arguing, although the words were muffled so I couldn’t tell what they were saying. And since I had just come through that part of the library before taking out the trash, I knew no one was there.

“I even checked to make sure that the noise wasn’t coming from outdoors,” Don said. “but finally, I gathered up my nerve and opened the door to that room. As soon as I did, the voices immediately stopped!

Don Leasor was not the only staff member to hear the strange voices. A former maintenance assistant who was too terrified to be interviewed claimed that she often heard them when she worked alone from eight until ten at night.

Since so many frightening things were taking place late in the evening, library director Helen Higby rearranged schedules and made it a rule that no one worked alone.

“Even if it turns out that there’s nothing there,” she pointed out, “if someone were to get nervous and imagine something, then trip and fall down the stairs, we might not find them until the next day. And we’ve got enough ghosts already!”

Not long after the new policy took effect, the business manager came in to do some work on a holiday, and mindful of the new rule, she brought her Doberman pinscher along. “After she had been in the office for a while, “Helen said, “the dog suddenly went over to the door and cocked its head as if someone were outside. Then it came back and sat down in the middle of the room, but it continued to stare at the door, fully alert. That’s all that happened, but it gave everybody the creeps, because dogs, unlike people, don’t imagine things.

“At one of the staff meetings,” Helen continued, “I told everyone, “Listen, I know how to deal with budget cuts; I know how to deal with all kinds of normal problems. But I don’t know how to deal with spooks!” So we talked about the possibility of getting an exorcist, about having a priest come and bless the building, but some of the emplyees didn’t want that. In their minds, that gave credence to something they didn’t want to think about.

Apparently nothing out of the ordinary had been reported for a year or so at the time of my interviews in February 1988, but it is unknown whether the phenomena have stopped or are just not as noticeable now that workers are forbidden to be alone in the building. Skeptics might conclude that the new rule provides less opportunity for overactive imaginations to concoct spooky stories, but with so much evidence from so many people, it seems clear that something of an unusual nature was occurring. Even former librariian Grace Gasson, who attributes the disturbances to the building’s structural defects and the susceptible imaginations of the living, admits that she has no explanation for such things as the wildly oscillating security gate.

If the troublesome manifestations at the Sweetwater County Library were indeed of a paranormal nature, what caused them? Do the spirits of the dead really return to wreak havoc when their resting place is disturbed? No one I interviewed believed that the spirits were of a malicious nature. As Helen Higby observed, “Whatever is going on, if it’s some kind of being, apparently it’s benign, because it hasn’t done anything destructive or harmful. And in a a library, you could make a big mess in a hurry if you wanted to, by throwing the books on the floor or dumping the card catalogues.”

Whatever caused the strange events at the library, most of the staff are less inclined to scoff at the supernatural these days. And even without the new rule, the odds are that you’d have a hard time finding anyone willing to spend the night there alone!

To read more stories about haunted Wyoming, be sure to look for “Ghosts on the Range” by Debra D. Munn.

Ghost with boo sign

Ghosts on the Range Part II

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When the new group of bodies was taken from the site and reburied in a common grave on top of the hill, old bits of hearsay resurfaced. Remembering the Oriental-looking scraps of cloth that had been found in one of the earlier excavations, some people theorized that the cemetery was in fact a Chinese graveyard, even though at least one of the corpses had red hair. Another revived rumor held that the bones were those of smallpox victims and that the town was again endangered by their exposed remains. This conjecture proved as groundless as the other, as a July as, 1978, article in the Green River Star explained. For while Green River’s railroad workers had indeed experienced a smallpox epidemic between the 1860’s and the 1890’s, the victims had all been buried at the far end of the old cemetery and their graves had never been disturbed.

What was disturbed, however, was the new library built upon the twice-excavated grounds. Almost from the outset, those who worked there described it as spooky place, and former maintenance man Ed Johnson confirms that there are still bodies underneath.

“In the spring of 1983, I helped with the landscaping,” he said. “One day the contractors working in front of the main door dug up a bunch of wood. At first I thought it was old consrtuction debris, but then I saw the bones!”

“They called the coroner and started pulling the skeletons out.” He recalled. “But then they ran into a problem. Some of the bones were underneath the sidewalk and couldn’t be removed without tearing up the concrete. Since the landscapers didn’t want to do that, they dug up only parts of those bodies.

“As I remember, first they dug out three adults-actually, I should say two and a half-because on one body they just pulled out the legs and pelvic girdle and left the rest. They also found one infant grave, and I believe they were able to take only the foot and shin bones from it.

“In 1985 and ‘86, more structural work was necessary, since the building had begun to sink,” Ed continued. “While the construction workers were drilling into the foundation, one said that they found a whole, small coffin with the body of another child inside. This corpse was almost perfectly preserved. The flesh was like gelatin, but otherwise, everything was intact.”

In spite of these newest ghastly finds under the building, the library employees never lost their sense of humor. “When the construction workers drilled holes in the slab to inject some grout, the staff did one really goofy thing,” said library director Helen Higby. “They bought one of those paper skeletons and suspended it so that one arm was sticking out of a hole!”

But the employees were not so amused by the strange actions of the security one evening in the late summer or early autumn of 1986.

“People leaving the library have to pass through a gate,” Helen explained, “and if a book isn’t checked out properly, an alarm goes off. There is, however, a bypass which allows people in wheelchairs to leave without going through the gate. The bypass is a little higher than waist level, and it’s made of wrought iron. Obviously it can’t be too heavy if a wheelchair has to pass through it, but it wouldn’t blow in the breeze, either.

“One night two of my staff were the only ones left in the building and at ten minutes to nine, they were getting ready to close up. Each one was at least fifteen fet away from this bypass, but all of a sudden, it slammed as hard as it could, swung open again, and then oscillated back and forth for several seconds until it came to a stop! It acted as if someone had smashed into it as hard as he could, but nobody ws even near it.

“That was the first I’d heard about any unexplained phenomena,” Helen continued, “and the two women were so upset that they didn’t want to talk about it. But afterwards, I started hearing about other weird things that had happened.”

(to be continued)

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