post From Flavorwire: 15 Famous Authors’ Estates. By Emily Temple

February 3rd, 2012

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Wharton built her estate, The Mount, in 1902, and if you ask us, its rolling green gardens certainly do her claim justice. So, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of her birth, we’ve collected fifteen gorgeous authors’ homes and estates — though none, perhaps, are as gorgeous as hers. Click through to check out our list, and let us know if we’ve missed any of your own favorite writers’ homes in the comments.

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post Time, Jeff Wise and Fearing Well.

January 17th, 2012

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In the January 9th issue of Time magazine, writer Jeff Wise explores what we fear. To quote:

“Another year, another 365 days-wait 366-in which things could go terribly terribly wrong.  but how?  Identifying the most pressing threats turns out to be unexpectedly difficult.  Psychologists say we innately misjudge risk, often becoming instinctively fixated on perceived threats that aren’t really hazardous while overlooking real dangers because they don’t set off our subconscious alarm bell.”

He categorizes four areas: What we fear, What we don’t fear, Not Dangerous and Dangerous.

What we fear/not dangerous:  flying, insects and asteroids, cell-phone radiation and gluten.

What we fear/dangerous:  cancer, lightening and smoking, viruses and sharks.

What we don’t fear/dangerous:  raw milk, nuclear war, global warming, obesity and heart disease.

What we don’t fear/not dangerous: Teddy Bears, Money, Hugs and Librarians.

How refreshing to know :)

Welcome to the Library!

post Mango never stops!

January 16th, 2012

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Feedback Feature. This feature is now available in all of our courses that are available to our library customers. The Feedback Feature is available as a tab on each slide of each course on the left hand side.

We really value all the feedback we get from our customers. We have created a feature that allows anyone who is using Mango to submit feedback, ask questions, or report any issues directly from the course. You can now submit any feedback without interrupting your studying! This features allows us to streamline all the awesome feedback in a timely manner and to make sure your questions are answered and your suggestions are tracked and recorded.

We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we do. We look forward to hearing from you!

Take look:

post Mango Languages, Learn a Language though the Library

January 16th, 2012

Mango Languages
We get this question a lot: what is the hardest language for English-speakers to learn? Here’s a cool infographic that address that very question. What do you think?

Have you tried it yet?  go to:

post Henry Alford, author of WOULD IT KILL YOU TO STOP DOING THAT?, addresses burning questions of etiquette.

January 10th, 2012

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post Ryan Gosling, library and librarian lover.

December 15th, 2011

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post 25 of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World.

December 13th, 2011

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From Flavorwire. Take a look, ‘nuf said!

The University of Coimbra General Library, Coimbra, Portugal.

post I Love Book Shelves

December 13th, 2011

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Earthquake-Inspired Shelving” was showcased by Trend Hunter. Tembolat Gugkeav’s Tectonic Bookcase “looks like it is about to topple over at any second. Nevertheless, its precariously balanced aesthetic is simply part of the overall design.”

Check out all the interesting designs.

post Downloading Audio Book with OneClick

December 8th, 2011

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From the State of Wyoming:

Please remind users who contact you with problems using OneClick that they
should review the help files on the OneClick site as well as on our
website at

If they are having problems that are not solved by this documentation,
please refer them to OneClick Support at .

It is important to note that OneClick launched many larges sites on
December 1st and may not be able to respond to support requests immediately.

Don’t forget that we have an information page for libraries about this
service in the libraries section of GoWYLD

post eReaders! Attention Please!

December 3rd, 2011

Wyoming State Library announces intent to purchase 3M Cloud Library as ‘early adopter’

November 15, 2011

The Wyoming State Library is happy to announce that the Wyoming State Library will contract with 3M to become an early adopter of 3M’s Cloud Library. We hope to begin implementation in January 2012 and we hope that this downloadable eBook platform will provide a good solution for our state. More details about this new service will follow as we begin implementation, but here is brief review of some of the features.

  • Every library in the WYLDcat system will have access to a shared site with a shared collection. (Unfortunately, 3M cannot currently work with multiple authentication services, so UW patrons cannot be included in the license.)
  • We will purchase title-by-title and will own the titles we purchase. Like most other downloadable eBook platforms, 3M employs a one-book, one-user-at-a-time model.
  • New titles can be added to the group collection and will be accessible to everyone. Some Wyoming libraries have already offered to contribute funds to add more titles to our collection.
  • 3M currently works with most eReaders except for Kindle. We know that this is a disadvantage. 3M also knows that this is a serious disadvantage for their product and they are currently negotiating with Amazon.
  • 3M has developed eReaders that can be purchased by libraries and circulated among patrons.

Again, we will know more soon and will keep you informed as the implementation progresses. If you have questions, please ask and The State Library will do their best to find the answers. Also, please refer to the 3M Cloud Library overview for more information, or to this short video:

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